Is roti Maker available in Pakistan?

Is roti Maker available in Pakistan?

The Lowest price of Roti Makers in Pakistan is Rs….Price List.

Model Price
West Point Roti Maker Rs. 6,495
Anex AG-2028 Roti Maker Rs. 7,020
Westpoint WF-6512 Deluxe 8″ Roti Maker Rs. 4,871
Westpoint Roti Maker (6516) Rs. 7,999

Which brand is best for roti maker in Pakistan?

Best Electric Roti Makers in Pakistan:

  • Gaba National 12″ Roti Maker (GN 4156)
  • Geepas Chapathi Maker (GCM2028)
  • Geepas Chapathi Maker (GCM2028)
  • Russell Hobbs Crepe Maker (20920-56)
  • Westpoint Deluxe Roti Maker (WF-6514)
  • Westpoint Deluxe Roti Maker 10″ with Timer (WF-6516)
  • Westpoint 8″ Roti Maker (WF-6513)

Which is the best quality roti Maker?

Here’s A List Of 5 Best Roti Makers To Buy From:

  1. Case Plus Heavy Quality Stainless Steel 7.5-inch Dia, Puri Maker.
  2. Xodi Silver Tough Roti Maker.
  3. RAMPSHAR Non-Stick Chrome Polish Electric Chapati/Roti/Khakhra Maker.
  4. H&D Enterprises Roti/Chapati/Dosa/Khakra Maker.
  5. KERWA Eagle/National || Chapati/Roti/Khakra Maker.

How much is automatic roti maker?

currently it is priced as $999 USD, however if you order via hebbar’s kitchen you would receive a flat 7.5% discount with no waiting and priority order.

What is the cost of roti maker?

Roti Makers Price in India

Best Roti Makers Models Price
Prestige PRM 3.0 Roti/Khakra Maker ₹2049
Bajaj Vacco GO-EZZEE C-02 Roti Maker ₹2148
Sunflame RM Roti Maker ₹1437
Jaipan JDRM-901 1000W Jumbo Roti Maker ₹1550

What happened to Rotimatic?

Zimplistic, the company behind the Rotimatic, has been acquired by Light Ray Holdings. The acquisition actually happened back in October 2020, but the company officially talked with The Spoon about it recently.