Is Sondico a good brand?

Is Sondico a good brand?

With a heritage dating back over fifty years, Sondico is a famous and respected football brand. The Sondico brand is best known for its footballs, goalkeeper gloves and shin pads. Sondico experienced a boom during the 1960s and 1970s.

What brand is Sondico?

ABOUT SONDICO Sondico is a British football brand with half a century of history. During the 1990’s Sondico was a leading manufacturer of footballing equipment and the leading brand for goalkeeping gloves with over 50% market share.

Where are Sondico products made?

Sondico was originally founded as a sport accessories manufacturer by Mr Sondi in India. The company relocated to Oldham near Manchester where it produced quality football equipment. At its most popular, Sondico was England’s number one choicein goalkeeping gloves.

Who is Sports Direct owned by?

Mike AshleyFrasers Group / Owner

What did Sports Direct used to be called?

Frasers Group plc (formerly known as Sports Direct International plc) is a British retail and intellectual property group, named after its ownership of the department store chain House of Fraser….Frasers Group.

Trade name Frasers Group

Is Sports Direct still in business?

Founded in 1982, Sports Direct has grown into a multi-retailer company that owns everything from department stores House of Fraser and Flannels to preppy fashion brand Jack Wills and computer game retailer Game.

Why is Sports Direct unethical?

As far as poor ethics go, sadly Sports Direct is not alone… The shocking results show that all sports and outdoor retailers score badly. There is particularly poor performance in supply chain management, toxic chemical use, animal rights, and environmental reporting.

Is JD sports owned by Sports Direct?

The developments are the latest chapter in the power struggle between Britain’s two biggest trainer tycoons: Ashley who owns Frasers which includes Sports Direct, and Peter Cowgill, executive chairman of JD.

What brands does Fraser own?

Frasers Group started as a small store in Maidenhead in 1982 and from there, grew to become a global powerhouse. We are now a collection of the world’s most iconic brands including Sports Direct, House of Fraser, Frasers, FLANNELS, GAME, Jack Wills,, Evans Cycles, USC, and Everlast.

Does Sports Direct use sweatshops?

Sports Direct branded a ‘sweatshop’ with working conditions compared to Victorian era and bosses are accused of punishing employees if they talk. One of Britain’s biggest sports chains has been branded a ‘sweatshop’ and had its working conditions compared to those of the Victorian era.

Why do Sports Direct use zero hour contracts?

The reason behind this claim is that the Transline and the Best Connection Group do not have an obligation to offer these agency workers any work over and above a minimum of 336 hours over a 12 month period.