Is Stealth Cam any good?

Is Stealth Cam any good?

It’s one of the best low light game cameras you can get, which means it is also great for security use in hard to see places. One of its features is the reflex technology which makes capturing photos even faster. Stealth Cam provides one of the fastest trigger speeds of all the trail cameras available on the market.

Does Stealth Cam have an app?

Download the “Stealth Cam COMMAND” app.

How much does Stealth Cam cost a month?

Stealth Cam offers $5, $10, $20, and $50 (multi-camera) month to month plans. Furthermore, the cost-efficient annual plans—starting as low as $4 with 650 images per month—are ideally suited for hunters who desire year-round monitoring of game activity and property monitoring.

Are Stealth Cams waterproof?

No, your camera is weather resistant but not waterproof.

How do I set up my game camera Stealth Cam?

How do I setup my FLX camera?

  1. Sign into the Stealth Cam Remote App.
  2. Select “ADD a new FLX Camera” on the menu screen.
  3. Follow the instructions in the App. You may need to start the Wireless Setup in Wireless Settings on the camera.

How do trail cameras work without Internet?

Wireless Wi-Fi cameras transmit data through Wi-Fi networks where no data plans are needed for the wireless trail camera. These types of cameras are prevalent in the security marketplace where power and Wi-Fi signal is readily available, not so much in the outdoors where power and Wi-Fi are non existent.

Can trail cameras connect to WIFI?

WiFi Trail Camera These cameras all operate over a WiFI signal that connects to your smartphone. The range of the connection in optimal conditions is around 50 to 60 feet. The cameras do not send images via a cellular network.

What apps work with Stealth Cam?

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What app do I need for stealth cam card reader?

You can use this Memory Card Reader with an Apple iPhone or iPad through the Free Photofast downloadable App.

Why wont my Stealth Cam send pics to phone?

Make sure the camera has a good signal. Use the Signal Strength feature in the Cellular Settings. The percentage should be higher than 20% to reliably receive photos.

How many cameras can I have with Stealth Cam?

There is no limit to the amount of cameras controlled by COMMAND.