Is Zoomin photo app safe?

Is Zoomin photo app safe?

Paying online on Zoomin is safe. We do not store credit card information in our systems – ever. We use SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) to encrypt all information when you fill out the registration forms. This ensures that no one can intercept the data while it is in transit.

Which online photo printing is best quality in India?

Pro Lab is India’s # 1 professional online photo printing website. With today’s cameras and social media sites, many of our memories stay trapped digitally on our computers and phones. It’s best to preserve them by printing as quality photographs in any format as you want.

Is Zoomin App good?

At Zoomin, you can get amazing customer service, great products at an affordable price. There are many apps but I like Zoomin is the best of all. The delivery is also very fast and exchange is also very convenient.

How long does Zoomin take to deliver?

To metro cities the orders are getting delivered in 3-4 days and to smaller cities and towns it will take around 8-12 days.

How do I delete my Zoomin photo?

If you wish to cancel your Zoomin account, please submit a request on our helpdesk and we will deactivate the account for you.

How much does it cost to print photos in India?

Photo Print Price List

Photo Size Price
5″ x 7″ Rs. 10.00
6″ x 8″ Rs. 15.00
8″ x 10″ Rs. 20.00
8″ x 12″ Rs. 30.00

What is the delivery charge of Zoomin?

The pricing offered by is extremely reasonable. Standard 4 x 6 prints cost Rs. 4 each and carry a flat delivery rate of Rs. 25 for any quantity!

What is Zoomin photo book?

Zoomin’s Photobooks are a sleek & modern version of the old school ‘Photo albums’. Instead of printing your photos and THEN making an album/scrapbook our Photobooks allow you to directly upload your pictures, design the layout, add captions and print them into a beautiful book full of bright pictures.