What are examples of portmanteaus?

What are examples of portmanteaus?

Examples in English include chortle (from chuckle and snort), smog (from smoke and fog), brunch (from breakfast and lunch), mockumentary (from mock and documentary), and spork (from spoon and fork). A portmanteau is a suitcase that opens into halves.

What is the best portmanteau?

Classic Portmanteau Examples

  • ampersand (and + per se + and) – & symbol that means “and”
  • dumbfounded (dumb + confounded) – surprised into silence.
  • electrocute (electricity + execute) – to kill with electricity.
  • flare (flair + glare) – a burst of light.
  • fortnight (fourteen + night) – period of fourteen nights, or two week.

Is the word Internet a portmanteau?

The word internet is a portmanteau of “international” and “network.” Makes sense to me!

Is Taxicab a portmanteau?

The term taxicab is a portmanteau word created by taking “taxi’ from the word taximeter, the device used to measure the time and distance the vehicle travels, with “cab” from cabriolet, a horse-drawn carriage.

Is ginormous a portmanteau word?

ginormous = gigantic + enormous.

Is sitcom a portmanteau?

The word sitcom is a portmanteau of situation and comedy.

Is fortnite a portmanteau?

Fourteen + Nights = Fortnight (Portmanteau Words)

Is hanger a real word?

Feeling ‘hangry’ is all too real Many may assume that “hanger”, the combination of feeling hungry and angry, is a slang term that was coined with absolutely no scientific basis. However, according to a scientist, “hanger” is in fact a real emotion that is triggered by our body’s physical response to craving food.

Which are some of the best portmanteau, by far?

– geep, from goat and sheep – liger, from lion and tiger – puggle, from a Pug and a Beagle – zedonk, from zebra and donke – tigon, from tiger and lion

What are some portmanteaus involving curse words?

quormatting (formatting quora style) quorabulary (portmanteau protologisms for Quora) queet/quitter (for when Quora has Twitter integration) qrude (a crude remark) “when i think big O, its not usually in reference to math” – “how qrude”. querritory (part of the territory) by Perry Rosenstein.

What are examples of portmanteau?

Beefalo – offspring of a buffalo and a cow,also known as Cattalo

  • Cama – offspring of a camel and a llama
  • Coywolf – offspring of a coyote and a wolf
  • Geep – offspring of a goat and a sheep
  • Grolar Bear – offspring of a grizzly bear and a polar bear
  • Liger – offspring of a lion and a tiger,also known as a Tigion
  • What does the word ‘portmanteau’ mean?

    Portmanteau refers to the linguistic blend of words in which multiple words and their meanings are combined together to form a new word. In literature, portmanteau refers to the technique of combining two or more words to create a new word. The new word has characteristics of both original words. Portmanteaus are a common linguistic phenomenon in modern English. The word ‘brunch’ is a common example of a portmanteau.