What are occult weapons in Dark Souls?

What are occult weapons in Dark Souls?

Occult is an effect possessed by specific weapons, that can be attained by either upgrading a weapon down the Occult upgrade path or using one that is innately imbued. Ascension is achieved through Andre of Astora, a Divine +5 weapon and the Dark Ember.

What do occult weapons do?

Ultimately, compared to the Divine upgrade path an Occult weapon will deal slightly more equalized damage between Physical and Magic. Like Divine weapons, Occult weapons cannot be augmented.

Is occult club a divine weapon?

The Occult club found in Anor Londo can be downgraded to a +5 Divine club, making it a powerful and useful weapon even for non-Cleric characters to fight the skeletons in the Catacombs and in Gravelord Nito’s boss fight.

Is Ornstein weak to occult?

Ornstein obviously enough resist lightning pretty well, but is weak to occult weapons.

Are occult weapons Buffable?

for reference, Hollow in ds3 gave you free luck (+5) and was buffable, so instead occult ads scaling over the flat stat boost but isn’t buffable.

What does the occult club do in Dark Souls?

Occult Ascension in Dark Souls. Dexterity scaling more than the Divine path. Occult Upgrades are a type of Upgrade in Dark Souls and Dark Souls Remastered. They enable players to “Ascend” weapons and shields in a specific path.

Does occult club do divine damage?

Nope. Occult has bonus damage against some of the enemies and bosses though, Black knights, O&S and the like. Well, as I mentioned, I used the occult club yesterday in the catacombs and it was killing the skeletons. They never got back up.

Can Ornstein bleed?

Ornstein Ascended If you used Priscilla’s Dagger or Gold Tracer against Smough in the first phase, you can use either against Ornstein as well as they are fast and may sometimes inflict Bleed (although not as easily as Smough).

What does Occult do in ds1?

Occult is an auxiliary effect attained upgrading a weapon down the Occult upgrade path (Ascension by upgrading a Divine +5 weapon with a requisite of Dark Ember) or finding an already imbued weapon with Occult. Effect: Deal Extra damage to certain enemies and bosses.

How do you use black Whetblade?

Black whetblade with a cipher engraved. Can be used as a whetstone knife. When applying an affinity using physical or occult-type ashes of war, an additional affinity of poison, blood, or occult can be chosen….

Black Whetblade
Type Key Item
Effect Grants choice of affinity upgrade to weapon

Can the 4 Kings bleed?

Its half-health self-bleed, combined with the Four King’s bleed immunity, make it a very difficult weapon to use, especially on NG+. Black Iron armor increases your poise by 79 points without sacrificing mobility, allowing you to withstand most strikes except for the heavy swing.