What committee is Shaheen on?

What committee is Shaheen on?

As a senior member of the U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, Senator Shaheen is committed to helping build strong international alliances to bolster America’s national security and boost our economy.

What did Jeanne Shaheen do?

A member of the Democratic Party, she is the first female U.S. senator in New Hampshire’s history, the first elected female governor of New Hampshire and the first woman elected as both a governor and a U.S. senator, with the junior senator from New Hampshire and former governor of the state Maggie Hassan being the …

Where did Jeanne Shaheen go to college?

University of Mississippi1973
Shippensburg University1969
Jeanne Shaheen/Education

What district is Jeanne Shaheen in?

Senator (D-NH) since 2009Jeanne Shaheen / Office

Where is Jean Shaheen from?

Saint Charles, MOJeanne Shaheen / Place of birth

What does Shaheen mean?

royal white falcon
Muslim: from the Persian personal name Shahin, meaning ‘royal white falcon’. This name is widespread in Iran and throughout the Indian subcontinent.

Who is Jeanne Shaheen husband?

Bill ShaheenJeanne Shaheen / Husband (m. 1972)

What party is Deb Fischer?

Republican PartyDeb Fischer / Party

Is Shaheen male or female?

Shahin or Shaheen (Persian: شاهین shāhīn), also spelt Chahine, is a Persian male given name which is the generic term for hawk or falcon, although in specific, the peregrine falcon.

What is Shaheen lucky number?

Shaheen Name Meaning

Name: Shaheen
Meaning: ‘Royal, Falcon, Superior,’
Pronunciation: ‘SHArp + HEEd + New’
Origin: ‘Persian’
Lucky Number: ‘Shaheen lucky number is 2’

Where did Deb Fischer go to high school?

University of Nebraska-Lincoln1988
Lincoln Southeast High School
Deb Fischer/Education

Who was the first Nebraskan woman elected to Congress?

Hazel Hempel Abel (July 10, 1888 – July 30, 1966) was an American educator and politician in the U.S. state of Nebraska, who served as a member of the United States Senate for fifty-four days in 1954.