What companies does NFP own?

What companies does NFP own?


  • 1st Community Insurance Services, Inc (License #OC94236)
  • ADP/Statewide Insurance Agencies, Inc.
  • Alterity Group, LLC.
  • American Benefits Insurance Corporation.
  • Annette Willis Insurance Agency, LLC.
  • Arnone Lowth, Wilson & Liebowitz, Inc.
  • Associated Agency Group.
  • Associated Insurance Centers, LLC.

What insurance company is NFP?

NFP is a leading insurance broker and consultant providing specialized property and casualty, corporate benefits, retirement and individual solutions.

What does NFP company stand for?

National Financial Partners Corp.
NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–NFP, a leading insurance broker and consultant that provides employee benefits, property & casualty (P&C), retirement, and individual insurance and wealth management solutions, announces the change of its legal name from National Financial Partners Corp. to NFP Corp.

Is NFP a broker dealer?

NFP Corp., a leading insurance broker and consultant, on Monday said it was selling a majority stake of its independent broker-dealer, NFP Advisor Services, to funds managed by private equity shop Stone Point Capital.

Is NFP a private company?

Following consummation of the Merger, NFP will become a privately-held company and its common stock will be delisted from the New York Stock Exchange. National Financial Partners Corp.

How do you trade in NFP?

The Simple NFP Forex Strategy

  1. Do nothing for the first 15 minutes after the NFP announcement.
  2. Wait for an inside candle.
  3. The high and low of the inside candle become our trade triggers.
  4. Place a stop loss below the most recent low if you bought, or above the most recent high if you sold.
  5. Exit 4 hours after your entry.

How many employees does NFP have?

NFP enables client success through the expertise of over 5,700 global employees, investments in innovative technologies, and enduring relationships with highly rated insurers, vendors, and financial institutions.

When did NFP go public?

2003: NFP makes public offering.

How does NFP affect forex?

When the NFP is released, forex traders begin to scan for the information that tells them which currency they should be purchasing. If the employment rate is lower than the last report and payrolls for non-farm workers increase, it is taken as indication that the dollar is going to be stronger than the euro.

How does NFP affect gold?

Usually, good news for the U.S. labor market (or, actually, better than expected) is positive for the greenback and negative for the shiny metal. The price of gold tends to fall on the day when the Nonfarm Payroll Report comes out. In case of bad news from the labor market, the situation is reversed.

What is it like working for NFP?

Like any job, NFP work will involve boring paperwork, mundane administrative tasks and getting up early on a Tuesday when you want to sleep for 1,000 more hours. In some roles, you won’t see the social or environmental impact of your hard work firsthand.

How do you trade NFP today?