What does Epw wrestling stand for?

What does Epw wrestling stand for?

Explosive Pro Wrestling
Explosive Pro Wrestling also known as EPW is an Australian independent professional wrestling promotion founded in 2001 in Perth, Western Australia. Explosive Pro Wrestling. Explosive Professional Wrestling logo. Acronym.

Who owns CWF wrestling?

CWF Mid-Atlantic

Acronym CWF Mid-Atlantic
Style Canadian Wrestling
Headquarters Burlington, North Carolina, United States
Founder(s) Jeff Rudd and Danny Wenkel
Owner(s) Jeff Rudd (1996-) Danny Wenkel (1996-)

Does All Japan Pro Wrestling still exist?

In 2001, they entered a cross-promotion agreement with New Japan Pro-Wrestling which proved very successful, allowing All Japan to remain one of the larger promotions in the country, although now firmly behind NJPW….All Japan Pro Wrestling.

Acronym AJPW/AJP
Owner(s) Tsuyoki Fukuda
Website all-japan.co.jp

Who owns APW wrestling?

The company was founded by and is currently managed by Roland Alexander in 1991. Headquartered 45 miles southeast of San Francisco, 15 miles south of California Oakland, and 35 miles north of San José, APW is central to all major cities with in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Who owns Smoky Mountain wrestling?

Smoky Mountain Wrestling

Acronym SMW
Style Rasslin’
Headquarters Knoxville/Morristown, Tennessee
Founder(s) Jim Cornette Sandy Scott
Owner(s) Jim Cornette

What are Japanese wrestlers called?

The sumo wrestlers are known as rikishi in Japanese (the two characters of the kanji meaning “strength” and “warrior”). There are around 650 rikishi in the six divisions of sumo: maku-uchi. juryo.

Why is pro-wrestling big in Japan?

The first wrestling matches were televised in Japan in the 1950s, and the sport was immediately very popular. In fact, its popularity peaked around the time it was first televised, almost instantly making it one of the most famous sports in Japan. The New Japan Pro-wrestling Co.

Who owns Big Time Wrestling?

Pacific Coast Athletic Corp.
Big Time Wrestling (San Francisco)

Founded October 1960
Headquarters San Francisco, California, United States
Owner(s) Roy Shire (1960–1981)
Parent Pacific Coast Athletic Corp.
Formerly American Wrestling Alliance National All-Star Wrestling

What is APW?


Acronym Definition
APW Agreement for Performance of Work
APW Average Productive Worker
APW Aqueous Parts Washer
APW Apia, Samoa – Faleolo (Airport Code)