What does Morneau Shepell do?

What does Morneau Shepell do?

Morneau Shepell Limited: Health Insurance Morneau Shepell is the only human resources consulting and technology company that takes an integrative approach to employee assistance, health, benefits, and retirement needs.

Is Morneau Shepell an insurance company?

Established in 1966, Morneau Shepell serves approximately 24,000 clients in North America….LifeWorks.

Type Public
Services Health and Benefits, Administrative Outsourcing, Asset and Risk Management, Retirement and Pensions
Revenue $722.3 million CAD (2018)
Number of employees 6,000
Website lifeworks.com

What is EAP Morneau Shepell?

Morneau Shepell is one of the world’s largest Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) providers, supporting employees and their families across the globe to resolve work, health, and life challenges. We serve more than 20,000 global organisations, supporting over 20 million individuals to improve their lives.

Is Morneau Shepell confidential?

Morneau Shepell will be required to release it by law. Can my employer make me use EFAP services? No. Your participation is always voluntary and confidential.

Is Morneau Shepell a good place to work?

100% of employees would recommend working at Morneau Shepell with the overall rating of 4.0 out of 5. Employees also rated Morneau Shepell 3.8 out of 5 for Company Culture, 3.8 for Rewards You Receive, 3.4 for Growth Opportunities and 3.0 for support you get.

When did Morneau Shepell go public?

Under his leadership the firm went through several significant changes, including going public on the Toronto Stock Exchange in 2005. Morneau Shepell provides over 20,000 organizations representing millions of Canadians with pension, employee benefit, and employee assistance programs.

What is Morneau Shepell called now?

Morneau Shepell rebrands to LifeWorks, reflecting company’s purpose of improving lives and business. TORONTO–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Morneau Shepell Inc., a leading provider of technology-enabled total wellbeing solutions, today announced its global rebrand to LifeWorks Inc.

Is LifeWorks owned by Morneau Shepell?

TORONTO, July 9, 2018 – Morneau Shepell announced today the entering into a definitive agreement to acquire all of the outstanding shares of LifeWorks Corporation Ltd.

How many employees work at LifeWorks?

6,000LifeWorks / Number of employees
LifeWorks employs over 6,000 employees who work with some 24,000 client organizations that use our services in more than 160 countries.