What does P mean in a Metar?

What does P mean in a Metar?

greater than the highest reportable value

Why does br stand for mist?

1 Answer. According to a CFI’s lesson plan on the internet, it comes from the French word for mist, brume.

What does SLP mean on a Metar?

sea-level pressure

What does 9999 mean on Metar?

9999. This value represents a visibility greater than 9000. meters (7 SM or more). The contraction CAVOK (ceiling and visibility OK) may be used when there is no significant weather, the visibility is 10 km or greater, and the ceilings are greater than 5,000 ft.

What does Airmet tango mean?


What does ATIS stand for?

Voice-automatic terminal information service

How do I read Metar codes?

The first two digits are the date, the 16th of the month, and the last four digits are the time of the METAR, which is always given in coordinated universal time (UTC), otherwise known as Zulu time. A “Z” is appended to the end of the time to denote that the time is given in Zulu time (UTC) as opposed to local time.

What does Becmg mean in TAF?


What is G Airmet?

A G-AIRMET is a graphical advisory of weather that may be hazardous to aircraft, but are less severe than SIGMETs . They are only valid at specific time “snapshots”. Forecasters create graphical objects depicting the areas and attributes of AIRMET hazards, which are distributed in BUFR file format.

What area does a Metar cover?

An automated METAR with no human supervision covers the conditions within approximately 6 inches of the weather station reporting it (for example, a badly positioned AWOS/ASOS station may be shielded from wind in some directions which affects what it reports).

Is Metar AGL or MSL?

Remember, METAR and TAF report the height of clouds AGL, not MSL. OVC040 = Overcast at 4,000 ft above the airport. If the airport is 1,000 ft, cloud bases are then at 5,000 ft MSL.

How do I get metar?

There are two primary places to get METARs and TAFs: NOAA’s aviation weather site or an aviation app on your smart device. I personally use Foreflight. It is hands down the most advanced aviation and weather flight planning tool out there.

What does information Charlie mean?

The info contained usually includes the runway(s) in use, local weather, and serviceability of approach aids. This saves clogging approach or terminal radio frequencies with this info. The info is given an ident letter (Alfa, bravo, Charlie and so on) As the info is updated so the ident letter is changed).

How do you read a TAF?

The date and time are formatted using two sets of four digits each with the first two digits representing the day of the month and the second two the 24-hour time in hours only (no minutes since TAFS are issued on the hour). The first set of digits is the start date/time and the second is the end date/time.

How do pilots say letters?

Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, Echo, Foxtrot, Golf, Hotel, India, Juliet, Kilo, Lima, Mike, November, Oscar, Papa, Quebec, Romeo, Sierra, Tango, Uniform, Victor, Whiskey, X-ray, Yankee, Zulu. Pilots pronounce numbers similar to regular English, with a few exceptions: The number three (3) is pronounced “tree.”

How long is a Metar valid?

Validity: Issued every hour, usually 55~59 past the hour. Data may be up to 15 minutes old, should not be older. Valid for 1 hour or until the next released report.