What does SWB cable mean?

What does SWB cable mean?

steel wire braid
The Kopex-Ex SWA/SWB Cable Glands are designed to terminate steel wire armored (SWA) and steel wire braid (SWB) cable for control, instrumentation, power and telecommunications.

What is the smallest cable gland size?

Responding to demands for smaller cable glands, the PFLITSCH UNI Dicht M4 has a mounting height of just 8.8mm (max) with a connection thread length of 2.7mm.

What is the difference between BW and CW cable glands?

The BW gland is used for indoor application when a waterproof seal is not required. CW Gland – Brass gland for use with steel wire armoured cables (H694-XL). Used to provide clamping of the armour wire to ensure electrical continuity and mechanical retention of the cable.

Can you use SWA armour as Earth?

In this case the SWA armour would provide the means of earthing for the remote building and it would also have to act as a main protective bonding conductor. It can be seen from Table 2 above that the CSA of the SWA is 131mm² which is adequate for earthing.

What PG gland means?

The PG stands for Panzer-Gewinde . This is a German type thread. The Main difference on this vs NPT and Metric is that the depth of the thread is smaller but has a larger flank angle, which makes it have a wider pitch along with a straight thread. PG Thread.

How many types of cable glands are there?

Cable Glands ‘A’ Type There are two types of ‘A’ gland. A1 and A2, A1 is retained on the cable whilst the ‘A2’ gland seals and retains on the cable. Suitable for unarmoured, plastic or rubber sheathed cables.

What does Glanding mean?

Medical Definition of gland 1 : a cell, group of cells, or organ of endothelial origin that selectively removes materials from the blood, concentrates or alters them, and secretes them for further use in the body or for elimination from the body.

What is E1W gland?

The E1W weatherproof brass cable gland is suitable for use with all PVC sheathed steel wire armoured (SWA) cables within exposed outdoor environments, providing IP66 environmental seals on the cable inner and outer sheaths and three part armour wire termination.

What is A2 cable gland?

APPLICATION. A2 brass cable glands are suitable for use with unarmoured. cables. The outer seal grips the sheath of the cable to achieve a. weather proof seal.