What does the slang term Ballin mean?

What does the slang term Ballin mean?

Having an ostentatiously wealthy lifestyle
ballin’ (not comparable) (African-American Vernacular, slang) Having an ostentatiously wealthy lifestyle.

Why do Bloods say Boolin?

While boolin’ started out as a term to identify or ally oneself with the Bloods in their slang, it started to extend beyond gang contexts in 2015–16 and take on news meanings, including “to be extremely high,” “to act silly or ridiculous (as if high),” or “to do something unabashedly.” In these senses, boolin’ is used …

Where did the term Ballin come from?

Around the same time the song came out, the expression “ballin’ the jack” was used by railroad workers to mean “going at full speed.” ‘The ‘Jack’ was the slang name for a railroad locomotive, and balling meant going at high speed, itself derived from the ball type of railroad signal in which a high ball meant a clear …

What does Blue Ballin mean?

Blue balls is a slang term to refer to a mildly painful feeling in the testicles of unrelieved sexual arousal. It can also refer to “sexual frustration” in general.

What does your Coolin mean?

COOLIN. Definition: To Relax (see also CHILL) Type: Slang Word (Jargon)

What is brazy?

Brazy is Blood gang terminology for Crazy. Where the “C” is replaced with “B” as disdain for the letter C.

What are green balls?

What is a Greenball? A mini ecosystem, protecting the seeds from birds, ants and slugs and giving them nutrition as they germinate and grow.

What does it mean to have purple balls?

Orchitis Symptoms Most cases of orchitis are acute, which means you have sudden, severe pain in one or both testicles that may spread to your groin (the area where your upper thigh meets your lower belly). You also may have: Testicles that appear tender, swollen, and red or purple.

What does it mean to be slime?

The slang term “slime” is used as a descriptive term for someone who is your best friend and is like family. Generally, it means a good buddy, but it can also mean your significant other that you also consider your best friend.