What does the word inductee mean?

What does the word inductee mean?

one who is inducted
Definition of inductee : one who is inducted.

What is the synonym of inducted?

Definition. to initiate in knowledge of (a group or profession) Six new members have been inducted into the Cabinet. Synonyms. install.

Which would be the closest antonym for the word induct?

antonyms for induct

  • close.
  • finish.
  • take away.
  • blackball.
  • expel.
  • reject.
  • turn away.

What does Hall of Fame inductee mean?

Definitions of inductee. a person inducted into an organization or social group. “Ty Cobb and Babe Ruth were 1936 inductees in the National Baseball Hall of Fame” type of: fellow member, member. one of the persons who compose a social group (especially individuals who have joined and participate in a group organization …

What’s the definition of manipulatable?

: capable of being manipulated.

What is the synonym of inaugurate?

Some common synonyms of inaugurate are begin, commence, initiate, start, and usher in.

What is meant by chivvy ‘?

1 : to tease or annoy with persistent petty attacks. 2 : to move or obtain by small maneuvers chivy an olive out of a bottle.

Does Hall of Famers get paid?

Thanks to TMZ, which caught up with Eric Dickerson, we now know: $300,000 per year, per player. Dickerson, who is the Chairman of the newly-formed Hall of Fame Board, told TMZ every guy with a gold jacket should get about $300K per year.

What do you call a person who is easily manipulated?

capable of or susceptible to being manipulated; manipulatable.

What is the significance of inaugurate?

Inaugurate comes from the Latin word augur, which means taking signs from birds, or telling the future. The Romans would always look for good omens to mark the beginning of something — a war, or a new emperor’s reign — so inaugurate became linked to new beginnings.

Who has been inducted twice into the rock and Roll Hall of Fame?

Clyde McPhatter was the first to ever be inducted twice and is one of three artists to be inducted first as a solo artist and then as a member of a band, the other artists being Neil Young and Rod Stewart. Stephen Stills is the only artist to be inducted twice in the same year.

How are inductees in the Hall of Fame selected?

The inductees in this category are selected by the same committee that chooses the early influences. This category has been criticized for inducting those that have “been coming to the dinner for years and paying for their tickets” and for not revealing the Hall’s full criteria. In 2008, this category was renamed the “Ahmet Ertegun Award”.

Why is there a’Rock Hall of Fame Singles’category?

According to Van Zandt, the category is “a recognition of the excellence of the singles that shaped rock ‘n’ roll, kind of a rock ‘n’ roll jukebox, records by artists not in the Rock Hall — which is not to say these artists will never be in the Rock Hall. They just are not in the Rock Hall at the moment.”

Is the Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame a personal referendum?

Over the past decade the stagnant nominating committee and decrepit voting rolls have systematically turned the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame into a personal referendum on their own limited tastes and shortsighted view of what rock ‘n’ roll was, is and should be.