What does Victoria Secret dreamer smell like?

What does Victoria Secret dreamer smell like?

Ocean Salt and beach flowers in the air. Aprés-skate in rock tees and vintage denim. Surf wax & Bronzed Coconut. Beachy and fresh, it’s a California dream.” – a note from the brand.

What does Victoria’s Secret Midnight Bloom smell like?

It smells like sour fruit,all you get is a mango scent and not Evan a sweet sugary mango,it’s really sour smelling.

What scent is Victoria Secret Dream?

Fragrance: “Dream” is a very fresh, clean, and crisp scent. It is the perfect aqua and summery fragrance, smells of fresh icy marine crystals with little hints of peony. It has a floral touch too, but the aqua scent is more dominant.

What does tease cream cloud smell like?

Introducing Tease Crème Cloud, the soft and dreamy new sister to the Tease fragrance you love. The fragrance starts with a creamy, light-as-air sweetness: whipped vanilla meringue. Then it opens up to a luminous floral heart of exotic santal flower—the rare bloom of the sandalwood tree.

What does bombshell summer smell like?

Victoria Secret Bombshell Summer (2011) has sweet pink grapefruit, deep black currant, and fresh lily of the valley. So fresh and fruity it’s irresistible! Sipping lemonade by the pool or a sunny day at the beach Bombshell Summer is the perfect summer fragrance!

Does Midnight Bloom smell like Cloud?

Love it! i’ve heard from a youtuber that this smells exactly like Ariana Grande – Cloud, which was my motivator to purchase this fragrance. on me, this is the creamy vanilla-y baby sister of Baccarat Rouge 540.

What does Dream Angel smell like?

Fresh, fruity, sweet and pretty. Starts off strong with red berries (raspberries to my nose) and jasmine and then softens to warm vanilla and amber. A gourmand but surprisingly not cloying or a cheap floral like you’d expect from VS. Addicted at the first spray of it.

Does Victoria Secret still sell vanilla lace?

Victoria’s Secret on Twitter: “@alyschmit Vanilla Lace hasn’t been discontinued – and will be back!