What does Wheatley stand for?

What does Wheatley stand for?

The Intelligence Dampening Sphere

When life gives you lemons make apple juice?

“When life gives you lemons, make orange juice and leave the world wondering how you did it.”

Is Chell dead?

But what if you actually died? While the turret opera does make a nod to the phrase “It’s not over until the fat lady sings.” We’re going to have to look at some old Mythology. According to Greek Mythology, Heaven is a cornfield. Its unclear when Chell died, but she definitely died at the end of Portal 2.

When life gives you lemons burn life’s house down quote?

“All right, I’ve been thinking, when life gives you lemons, don’t make lemonade! I’m the man whose gonna burn your house down – with the lemons!”

Can GLaDOS defeat combine?

Maybe in the next Half-Life game, GLaDOS is one of the game’s bosses and if Gordon Freeman destroys it, the Combine loses the control of the Overwatch and they can join the Resistance to defeat the Combine (Synths don’t seem to be under control of the Overwatch Voice so they can’t join the Resistance, they still have …

Did GLaDOS really delete Caroline?

When GLaDOS says it deletes “Caroline”, it’s actually deleting its own newfound conscience, in the sense that GLaDOS considers its conscience to be Caroline’s “own voice”. The rest of GLaDOS is still a Frankenstein of Caroline’s time-twisted mind and the various modifications that the Aperture scientists made to her.

How long was Chell asleep?

273 years, 1 month and 20 days

How did Chell get back into Aperture?

They changed the ending. It used to end with her just getting out of Aperture, but they added a section afterwards of her being dragged back into the building.

Why is Wheatley evil?

Wheatley is just incompetent at the beginning, but also kind (he tried to help Chell escape). He, and the others like him, were designed to impede/control GLaDOS with their bad ideas. So, to answer your question, Wheatley was corrupted by GLaDOS’s programming.

Why does Wheatley betray?

He betrayed Chell because he couldn’t control himself, which he was unable to do because he’s an idiot. He was cruel to GLaDOS because she told him that he was an idiot, which he was, because he was specifically designed to be an idiot. Wheatley really served the purpose of being GlaDos’ conscience.

When life gives you bananas meaning?

Pass on the benefits of opportunity. This has been one huge metaphor for the bananas life throws at us. Just remember to look for the good in chances that come your way. Know it’s okay to pass on the things that aren’t meant for you. Don’t waste good opportunities.

Who voices Cave Johnson?

J K Simmons

Is GLaDOS a good guy?

Until Chell murdered her. Therefore, the only explanation for this is that GLaDOS wanted Chell to escape the incinerator room as part of the test, and she was getting ready to give Chell her cake, but instead, Chell moved through the laboratory and destroyed GLaDOS. …

Is Caroline Chell’s mother?

Portal Theory: Caroline/GLaDOS and Cave Johnson are Chell’s parents. This means that Chell made that experiment (there aren’t a whole lot of other girls named Chell) and is the daughter of an Aperture employee. Specifically the daughter of Cave Johnson and Caroline.

Why did GLaDOS kill Chell?

Rattman knew that because of Chell’s tenacity, she was the only one who could take down GLaDOS. The only problem was, GLaDOS knew that Chell posed a threat to her. In short, GLaDOS tries to kill Chell because she knows that Chell can take her down.

How old is Chell?

Appearance. Chell is a young woman in her early or mid 20’s.

Who dragged Chell back into Aperture?

Overview. GLaDOS’ remains on the Aperture Laboratories parking lot shortly before Chell is dragged away by the Party Escort Bot. The party associate is first mentioned by GLaDOS after Chell escapes certain death at the end of Test Chamber 19.

Are lemons flammable?

The most flammable part of the lemon is the essential oil, which is responsible for the lemony fragrance (unless your lemons are waxed, in which case they will smell of wax). But if you do, you will find it to be volatile and combustible.

When life gives you lemons make grape juice?

“When life gives you lemons make grape juice and let the world wonder how you did it.”

What does a lemon mean in slang?

a person or thing that proves to be defective, imperfect, or unsatisfactory; dud: His car turned out to be a lemon.

What does lemon symbolize?

Sometimes it is considered a symbol of longevity, purification, love, and friendship, and other times it is seen to be symbolic of bitterness and disappointment. Catholic tradition linked the fruit to fidelity.

When life gives you lemons make orange juice meaning?

It means to turn an apparent defeat (a sour lemon) into something different and unexpected which benefits you (sweet orange juice). It’s a rather silly saying really, since there is no way you can make orange juice from lemons.

Is Caroline a GLaDOS?

It becomes clear that Caroline’s mind was inserted into the AI that became GLaDOS, a fact GLaDOS silently recalls on her own as she listens to the recordings. The line “Now little Caroline is in here too” from the closing song “Want You Gone” suggests Caroline is still somewhere in GLaDOS’ memory.

Was GLaDOS a human?

According to portal 2, she used to be a human who worked for aperture and was the girlfriend to the CEO, one day, the CEO died before he could become a system in aperture, so she took his place, and thus, GLaDOS was created.

Does Chell have brain damage?

No, she’s mute. She can’t reply to Wheatley, so he just assumes she has brain damage. GLaDOS just calls Chell fat to annoy and mock her, trying to get some sort of revenge for Chell killing her.

What does GLaDOS stand for?

Genetic Lifeform and Disk Operating System