What episode does Clay ask Quinn to marry him?

What episode does Clay ask Quinn to marry him?

Clay proposes to Quinn ♥ | 9×12 One Tree Hill – YouTube.

Does Clay and Quinn get married?

The wedding of Clay Evans and Quinn James was the second marriage for both spouses. Clay was widower, having lost his beloved wife and mother of his only child, while Quinn was divorced from her first husband.

What episode does Clay realize Logan is his son?

“One Tree Hill” The Space in Between (TV Episode 2010) – IMDb.

Do Clay and Quinn adopt Logan?

Eventually Logan accepted to live with his father and Quinn James. He formed a close bond with Quinn who married Clay and adopted him as her son.

What episode does Brooke find out she’s pregnant with twins?

This Is My House, This Is My Home.

Do Clay and Quinn end up together?

Clay and Quinn finally get together (“Some Roads Lead Nowhere”) wife Haley James Scott and son James Lucas Scott.

Is Quinn older than Haley?

Of the three James sisters to appear in the series, Haley is the youngest, Quinn is the second and Taylor is the oldest. Taylor is three years older than Haley and Quinn was born a year after as she wasn’t at Tree Hill High when Haley was in her junior year.

Who donated Clay a kidney?

Will Bennett
Clay was later on a respirator until in his dream he meets Will Bennett, who later dies and donates his organs, including a kidney for Clay. Clay’s best friend Nathan had previously wanted to donate his but wasn’t a match. Clay then recovers and leaves the hospital with Quinn.

Who got Lauren pregnant on One Tree Hill?

David Fletcher
Eventually she began a relationship with David Fletcher and became pregnant by him.

Who gives Clay a kidney?

How does Brooke know she’s pregnant?

But when Alex informs her she is pregnant (Brooke gave her urine for a drug test that Chase had to pass to join the Air Force.). Knowing she was pregnant, Brooke made the decision to stay in Tree Hill to raise her unborn child. Shortly after, Brooke tells Julian she is pregnant.