What grade of steel is BISALLOY?

What grade of steel is BISALLOY?

Bisalloy – Steel Grade 80, 400 or 500 Bisalloy is a quench and tempered plate that has various Tensile strength dependent on the Grade of steel; Bisalloy 80 has a typical tensile strength of 830 MPa. Bisalloy 400 has a tensile strength of 1320 MPa.

How hard is BISALLOY?

With a nominal hardness of 450 HBW but formulated to be readily usable and easily bent, formed, welded, cut and drilled, BISALLOY® WEAR 450 steel is ideal not only for components encountering wear but also structures subject to wear such as tipper truck trailers, rubbish skip bins and concrete agitators.

Can you cut BISALLOY with Oxy?

Both Oxy-LPG and Oxy-acetylene processes are acceptable for sectioning all thicknesses of BISALLOY® steel.


Bisalloy 80 is a high-strength, low-alloy structural steel with a yield stress three times greater than that of carbon steel. It therefore boasts optimum toughness, hardness, density, formability and weldability.

Is hardox the same as bisalloy?

Australian Steel is renowned for carrying the best quality steel plate from the most reputable brands. We stock such names as Bisalloy steel, Hardox steel, Weldox steel and more.

What is bisalloy used for?

About Bisalloy Bisalloy steel is used for armour, structural, and wear-resistant steel applications. Bisalloy products are marketed under the brand BISALLOY®. The company exports to countries throughout Asia, the Middle East, Europe, North America and South America.

Can you weld BISALLOY to mild steel?

All grades of BISALLOY® steel can be readily welded using any of the conventional low hydrogen welding processes. Their low carbon content combined with selective addition of alloying elements (Mn, Cr, Mo, B)

Is hardox the same as BISALLOY?

Can you machine BISALLOY?

All BISALLOY® steel grades, including those with hardness in excess of 400 HB can be turned satisfactorily with carbide tooling, provided spindle speeds and feed rates are reduced from those normally employed when carrying out similar machining operations on plain carbon steel.

Can you weld bisalloy to mild steel?

Who owns bisalloy steel?

The Company operates through two geographic segments: Australia and Overseas. The Australian operations consist of Bisalloy Steels Pty Limited and Bisalloy Steel Group Limited….BISALLOY STEEL GROUP.

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What is hardox 500?

Hardox® 500 is a bendable and weldable abrasion-resistant steel, with a nominal hardness of 500 HBW. Suitable for applications that demand higher wear resistance. Hardox® 500 increases payload and increases service life while maintaining good processability and toughness.