What happened between Terry and Bridge?

What happened between Terry and Bridge?

What happened with John Terry? Soon after she split from Bridge, Vanessa was claimed to have had an affair with his married team mate John Terry. Her friends claimed that John had seduced her as she comforted her over the break-up.

Who didnt shake John Terrys hand?

The team of Queens Park Rangers’ Anton Ferdinand and Park Ji Sung refused to shake the hands of Chelsea’s John Terry and Ashley Cole in September 2012 following the accusation that John Terry had racially abused Ferdinand in a match between the two sides in October 2011.

Did Terry sleep with bridges wife?

‘ Friends said Terry’s affair began soon after Miss Perroncel, a lingerie model, split from Bridge last summer. At first it was platonic, but became sexual in September. It is understood she became pregnant in October and had the termination weeks later.

Who did Wayne Bridge not shake hands?

Footballer Wayne Bridge refused to shake hands with John Terry today when he came face to face with him for the first time since it emerged his former teammate had an affair with his ex-girlfriend.

Who did John Terry sleep with Bridge?

‘ But the day he was quoted, it emerged he had a fling with a blonde – and even borrowed his friend Bridge’s £4million house as a love nest. His alleged lover Shalimar Wimble, 25, told a Sunday newspaper: ‘John never mentioned his fiancée Toni to me – I guess that’s why he took me to Wayne’s place.

Why did Anton Ferdinand refuse to shake Terrys hand?

Ferdinand’s lawyers had advised him not to shake Terry’s hand, the first time the pair would have met in a Premier League match since the Chelsea captain was accused of racially abusing the QPR player in October. After taking legal advice, the Premier League has now decided to suspend the handshake convention.

What happened between Rio Ferdinand and John Terry?

John Terry insists he has reached out to Anton Ferdinand over the allegation he racially abused his fellow defender. The former England captain was accused of using racist language towards Ferdinand, brother of Rio, during a Premier League match between Chelsea and Queens Park Rangers in October 2011.

Who did John Terry sleep with bridge?

Why do Wayne Bridge and John Terry hate each other?

Back in February 2010 when Chelsea hosted Manchester City at Stamford Bridge, Bridge snubbed Terry’s handshake after revelations arose about an extramarital affair between the then Blues captain and Vanessa Perroncel, Bridge’s girlfriend at the time.

Who has Natasha Lever slept with?

Natasha and Rhordi were together from 2003 to 2011 when she dropped the shocking news that she had been sleeping with Ryan for eight years – throughout her whole relationship with Rhodri, and while Ryan was still married to and had children with Stacey Cooke.