What happens if I let Virgil live?

What happens if I let Virgil live?

Once you have the quest, go talk with Virgil in the Rocky Cave. You can decide to kill him or let him live. If you kill him you can obtain Virgil’s Rifle, or you can steal it with the Pickpocket perk Rank 3. Return to Kells to complete the quest and he’ll reward you with a Power Armor Helm.

What happens if you don’t give Virgil the serum?

If you destroyed the Institute without giving Virgil the serum that would have cured him (see The Glowing Sea), he will want to kill you, making killing him an easy decision. If you did cure him, you can still kill him or let him go.

Is there a way to save Virgil Fallout 4?

Quick walkthrough Find and enter the Institute FEV lab. Find and take the serum. Return to Virgil at the Rocky cave. Give Virgil the cure.

How do I approach Virgil Fallout 4?

Once you spot Virgil standing on the left-hand side of the tunnel, head on over to initiate conversation. First, tell him to take it easy and assure him that the story of Kellogg’s death is true. If available, select the persuasion option and ask Virgil why he left the Institute.

Can you give Virgil’s cure to strong?

If Strong follows the Sole Survivor to give Brian Virgil the antidote, he will join in on the conversation by expressing panic at the thought of being “cured” and no longer being a super mutant. The Sole Survivor must assure him that he will not be forcibly cured.

Can Virgil be a settler?

You can recruit Virgil as a Settler after you give him his serum.

Does Virgil ever turn human?

Destroying the Institute before giving Virgil the serum may result in him not becoming human, even after waiting for three days. This can be fixed by waiting for another 3–4 days on the chair in his cave, after which the quest to talk to him in his human form will appear in the Miscellaneous tab.

Does Danse like to cure Virgil?

They can simply give Virgil the serum, and certain companions will react differently to this choice. For example, John Hancock, Piper, Nick Valentine, Codsworth, Deacon and Curie like the player’s choice to cure Virgil, but Danse won’t like it at all; this is due to what happened to his friend Cutler.