What is a board assurance framework NHS?

What is a board assurance framework NHS?

It is common practice across the UK public healthcare sector for the term ‘board assurance framework (BAF)’ to be used to refer to the key document used to record and report an organisation’s key strategic objectives, risks, controls and assurances to the board.

What is assurance framework?

Assurance Framework means the Parties’ systems, processes and protocolsto assess the governance, risk management and control processes of the Parties for the discharge of their obligations in relation to the Growth Deal attached at Schedule 8 (Assurance Framework) of this Agreement.

What is good governance in NHS?

Governance in healthcare is referred to as clinical governance, “a system through which NHS organisations are accountable for continuously improving the quality of their services and safeguarding high standards of care by creating an environment in which excellence in clinical care will flourish”.

How do I set up an assurance framework?

How to develop a successful quality assurance framework

  1. Creating a Quality Framework. Where should you start?
  2. Understand the purpose.
  3. Identify the Channels.
  4. Align with Company Objectives and Brand Values.
  5. Develop Specific Measures.
  6. Identify Scoring.
  7. Implementation.

How do you write an assurance framework?

To develop an assurance framework it is necessary to: 1. Map out the assurances that exist against the key risks in TRAC 2. Consider the balance in the types of assurance, using the three lines of defence approach 3. Consider the frequency and age of the assurances received, and 4.

How do I build an assurance framework?

10 steps to prepare your assurance map

  1. Identify your sponsor.
  2. Determine your scope.
  3. Assess the required/desired amount of assurance for each element.
  4. Identify your assurance providers.
  5. Identify your assurance activities.
  6. Reassess your scope.
  7. Assess the quality of your assurance activities.

What is governance and assurance?

Good governance ensures that sound decisions are made at the right time about the right things, based upon a good understanding of the exposure to risks, and assurance that the information upon which the decisions are being made is reliable. So, it’s clear that governance relies on risk management and assurance.

How do you write a quality assurance framework?

  1. Understand the purpose. The first area to address when building scorecard or framework is the purpose of QA; what are we measuring and why?
  2. Identify the Channels.
  3. Align with Company Objectives and Brand Values.
  4. Develop Specific Measures.
  5. Identify Scoring.
  6. Implementation.

What is quality assurance in NHS?

What is the quality assurance system? We use the term quality assurance system to refer to the organisations and processes for defining, assuring, maintaining and improving quality that are external to the organisations that deliver care (see box below).