What is a semi-infinite plate?

What is a semi-infinite plate?

In mathematics, semi-infinite objects are objects which are infinite or unbounded in some but not all possible ways.

What is a semi-infinite slab?

A semi-infinite slab is a model for a body with a single plane surface (x = 0) and its other surfaces far enough to ignore for time periods of interest in transient analysis.

What is an infinite plate?

An infinite plate composed of two kinds of materials, material 1 in the lower part and material 2 in the upper part. From: Extended Finite Element Method, 2014.

What is an infinite medium?

Consider solutions of the wave equation, (361), in an infinite medium. Such a medium does not possess any spatial boundaries, and so is not subject to boundary constraints.

What is the physical interpretation of the Biot number?

The Biot number is the ratio of the internal resistance of a body to heat conduction to its external resistance to heat convection. Therefore, a small Biot number represents small resistance to heat conduction, and thus small temperature gradients within the body.

When can lumped capacitance be used?

The lumped-capacitance model is a common approximation in transient conduction, which may be used whenever heat conduction within an object is much faster than heat transfer across the boundary of the object.

What is called Gaussian surface?

A Gaussian surface (sometimes abbreviated as G.S.) is a closed surface in three-dimensional space through which the flux of a vector field is calculated; usually the gravitational field, the electric field, or magnetic field.

What is a semi-infinite solid?

A semi-infinite solid is one which is bounded by only one plane. This subject has achieved considerable importance in the field of space technology. A body in space is beyond the realm of aero­

What is a semi-infinite integral?

A semi-infinite integral is an improper integral over a semi-infinite interval. More generally, objects indexed or parametrised by semi-infinite sets may be described as semi-infinite.

What is the temperature in a semi-infinite steel solid?

LIST OF PLATES Page Temperature in a semi-infinite steel solid 19 subjected to exponentially decreasing heat flux. Temperature in a semi-infinite steel solid 21

Is a semi infinite set infinite in cardinality and measure?

Most forms of semi-infiniteness are boundedness properties, not cardinality or measure properties: semi-infinite sets are typically infinite in cardinality and measure. Many optimization problems involve some set of variables and some set of constraints.