What is a volar Barton fracture?

What is a volar Barton fracture?

Barton’s fracture is a fracture dislocation of the distal radius in which either the volar or dorsal aspect of the distal radial articular surface is sheared off with disruption of the radiocarpal joint. It is usually caused by violent direct injury to the wrist.

How long does a Barton fracture take to heal?

How long does it take to heal from a Barton fracture? If you don’t get surgery, you’ll have to wear a cast around your wrist for about six weeks and then go to physical therapy. At therapy, you’ll work on your wrist movement and strength. You may feel better in a few months, but healing can take a year.

How is Barton’s fracture treated?

Most Barton fractures will be treated with closed reduction and application of an external fixation device, followed by percutaneous pin insertion. However, it should be noted that recent studies have found little difference between conservative management and surgical treatment in the elderly.

How do you fix a malunion fracture?

The most common surgical procedure to repair a malunion is an osteotomy. A surgeon will cut the affected bone or bones and move them into a better position. To keep the bones stable while they heal, the surgeon may attach a metal plate to the bone or insert a rod down the center of the bone.

How do you get a Barton’s fracture?

The Barton’s fracture is caused by a fall on an extended and pronated wrist increasing carpal compression force on the dorsal rim. Intra-articular component distinguishes this fracture from a Smith’s or a Colles’ fracture.

What is volar displacement?

Volar (anterior) displacement of the distal fragment is usually the result of a fall on a flexed wrist. These injuries can occur in conjunction with more proximal forearm fractures, such as Monteggia fracture-dislocations, supracondylar humeral fractures and hand fractures.

Can a fractured wrist heal without a cast?

Technically speaking, the answer to the question “can broken bones heal without a cast?” is yes. Assuming conditions are just right, a broken bone can heal without a cast. However, (and very importantly) it doesn’t work in all cases. Likewise, a broken bone left to heal without a cast may heal improperly.

Can you fix a Malunited fracture?

How is a Fracture Malunion Treated? A surgical procedure can help reverse severe cases of malunion and ensure correct fracture healing. Osteotomy, an orthopedic surgical procedure, is commonly used to realign the bones in the correct position. The procedure may involve shortening or lengthening before the realignment.

Can a hand malunion be fixed?

Intra-articular metacarpal malunions are difficult to correct with osteotomies. However, correction can be achieved by maintaining reduction with screws and plates or with screws and cancellous bone grafts.

Why is it called Barton fracture?

It is named after John Rhea Barton (1794–1871), an American surgeon who first described this in 1838.

What is a volar fracture?

If the collateral ligaments are torn, there could be an increase in side-to-side movement of the joint. As the volar plate is stretched and torn, it may also pull off a small piece of bone. This can result in a fracture (break). This is also called an avulsion fracture.

Where is the volar wrist?

The volar-radial zone is the front/inside of the wrist on the thumb side. Important not to miss: Carpal instability.