What is EN8 steel used for?

What is EN8 steel used for?

EN8 engineering steel, also know as 080M40, is an unalloyed medium carbon steel. EN8 is a medium strength steel with good tensile strength. It is suitable for shafts, stressed pins, studs, keys etc.

Can EN8 steel be hardened?

EN8 can be heat treated to provide a good surface hardness and moderate wear resistance by flame or induction hardening processes. From the automotive trade to wider general engineering applications, EN8 is a popular steel in industry.

What is the difference between mild steel and EN8?

Mild steel is weldable, exceptionally hard, and truly solid indeed though it rusts. Mild steel is a more modest sum weak, and ready to flex to stay down from breakage. EN8 has hardly advanced carbon content than mild steel and speaks to the base finish of what can be solidified by heat treating.

Is EN8 steel weldable?

Modern EN8 bright Mild Steel contains a lot less carbon than it used to, this means that it is possible to weld pieces up to 18 mm thick without preheating using MIG wire (SG2) or a 7018 electrode.

What is 8 in EN8 material?

Product Description. EN8 also know as 080M40. Unalloyed medium carbon steel. EN8 is a medium strength steel, good tensile strength.

What does EN stand for in EN8?

Originally Answered: What Does EN8 stands for? EN8 is a medium carbon steel usually supplied untreated. EN8 has good tensile strength and is often used in applications such as: shafts, gears, stressed pins, studs, bolts, keys etc.

What is the hardness of EN8?


Heat Treatment Tensile Strength Rm Hardness
N 550 152/207
510 146/197
Q 625/775 179/229

Does EN8 steel rust?

EN8 and EN24 grades of steel are widely used in automobile sector in the form of shafts, studs, bolts, connecting rods, screws and rollers but they possess low corrosion resistance.

Is EN8 stainless steel?

En8 is carbon steel, and grade 304 is austenitic stainless steel.