What is I-129 petition for a nonimmigrant worker?

What is I-129 petition for a nonimmigrant worker?

The Purpose of Form I-129 This form is used by an employer to petition U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) for an alien beneficiary to come temporarily to the United States as a nonimmigrant to perform services or labor, or to receive training.

What is a nonimmigrant petition?

Form I-129, Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker is a form submitted to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services used by employers or prospective employers to obtain (or amend the details of) a worker on a nonimmigrant visa status.

Who fills out form I-129F?

If you are a U.S. citizen, use Form I-129F to petition: Your foreign national fiancé as a K-1 nonimmigrant so that he or she may enter the United States to marry you and pursue adjustment of status to lawful permanent resident; or.

What is a nonimmigrant worker?

A temporary (non-immigrant) worker is an individual seeking to enter the United States for a specific employment purpose. Non-immigrants enter the United States for a temporary period of time, and once in the United States, are restricted to the activity or reason for which their non-immigrant visa was issued.

What happens after approval of I-129?

What happens after my I-129F (K-1 fiancé) petition is approved?

  1. Eventually, your fiancé will have to complete the DS-160: Online Nonimmigrant Visa Application and submit required documents.
  2. Your fiancé will visit a U.S. consulate or embassy abroad (in his or her country) and apply for a visa.

What is the next step after I-129 approval?

The USCIS will send the case to the National Visa Center (NVC) after the petition is approved for further processing. Once the case reaches the NVC, petitioner/ beneficiary will soon receive a case number and send the approved K visa package to the U.S Consulate office.

Can a non-immigrant work in the US?

If you wish to work in the United States for a temporary period you will require a nonimmigrant work visa. You cannot work on a visitor or business visa, or under the Visa Waiver Program (VWP). Unlike some countries, the United States government does not issue work visas for casual employment.

What is an H-1B nonimmigrant worker?

The H-1B program applies to employers seeking to hire nonimmigrant aliens as workers in specialty occupations or as fashion models of distinguished merit and ability.

When does the new I-129 Petition for a nonimmigrant worker come into effect?

I-129, Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker. On Aug. 14, 2019, DHS published a final rule on the public charge ground of inadmissibility (see section 212(a)(4) of the Immigration and Nationality Act). The final rule becomes effective Oct. 15, 2019.

Can I add additional information to my petition for Nonimmigrant Worker?

Additional Information About Your Petition For Nonimmigrant Worker If you require more space to provide any additional information within this petition, use the space below. If you require more space than what is provided to complete this petition, you may make a copy of

What is Form I-129 for USCIS use only petition?

Form I-129 Edition 03/10/21 Page 1 of 36 For USCIS Use Only Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker Department of Homeland Security U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services

Can an agent file Form I-129 on behalf of a worker?

It may permit an extended stay, and may also provide certain rights to the workers such as the right to take out a loan. Form I-129 is obviously filed by the petitioner – but in special circumstances, an agent may also file said form on behalf of the petitioner. Who Is Eligible to Be Sponsored with an I-129 Petition?