What is resin exchange capacity?

What is resin exchange capacity?

Definitions. In general terms, the capacity of an ion exchange resin can be expressed as the quantity of ions that can be taken up by a specific volume of the resin.

What type of resin is Dowex 50?

strong acid cation resin
Therefore… DOWEX 50WX8 is a strong acid cation resin containing 8% DVB. DOWEX 1X4 is a Type I strong base anion resin containing 4% DVB. Table 1 contains basic information about the complete line of DOWEX™ fine mesh resins.

What is dowex resin?

DOWEX* HCR resin is a high- capacity, gel-type, strong acid cation exchange resin with a polydispersed (normal) particle size distribution. It is based on a styrenedivinylbenzene (DVB) copolymer matrix with sulfonate functional groups.

What is dowex used for?

DOWEX cation and anion exchange resins, used separately or in combination, with or without other water-treating materials, do an amazing variety of water-conditioning jobs; from simple softening of hard water supplies to removal of dissolved solids down to a part per billion!

How do you calculate resin capacity?

How do you calculate resin capacity?

  1. Convert water hardness from ppm to grains per US gallon. Total Hardness (ppm) = Total Hardness (gpg) Example: 118 ppm TH = 6.9 gpg;
  2. Calculate softener capacity in grains.
  3. Calculate softener capacity in gallons.
  4. Table One: Tank Size and Resin Volume.

How is resin capacity determined?

Total capacity is actually determined on a dry-resin basis as meq/dry gm and converted to wet values (meq/mL) based on moisture content of the resin. Tests are typically run with H+/Na+ exchange rather than Ca++/Na for cation. Ion exchange systems work by exchanging ions on a one-for-one equivalency basis.

Can dowex be reused?

Yes, you can certainly re-use Dowex 50, as well as other ion exchange resins.

How many times a resin can be reused?

To avoid performance loss during protein A chromatography cycling, manufacturers often use sodium hydroxide for cleaning as it has the ability to hydrolyze proteinaceous residues and simultaneously sanitize the resin [6-8] yet the maximum number of times a protein A resin can be reused remains variable, ranging from 50 …

Which type of resin is Dowex 3?

Description DOWEX™ MAC-3 Weak Acid Cation Resin has high exchange capacity, excellent regeneration efficiency, very good resistance to osmotic shock, plus good chemical and physical stability. DOWEX MAC-3 Resin is effective in removal of temporary hardness (hardness associated with alkalinity) and dealkalization.

How do you calculate resin ion exchange volume?

Applying these parameters to 60 m3/h flow rate then: 60 m3/h divided by 60 m/h = Minimum area 1 m2 required. Hence based on UK vessel sizing = 1219 mm diameter (1.16 m2) Resin volume per unit = 0.6 m x 1.16 m2 = 0.696 m3 (696 litres) Rounded up to the nearest 25 litres = 700 litres of each component.

How do you regenerate dowex resin?

The basic steps in a regeneration cycle consist of the following:

  1. Backwash. Backwashing is performed in CFR only, and involves rinsing the resin to remove suspended solids and redistribute compacted resin beads.
  2. Regenerant injection.
  3. Regenerant displacement.
  4. Rinse.

How much resin should a water softener have?

0.64 to 2.00 cubic feet
Depending on its size, the amount of resin should be anywhere from 0.64 to 2.00 cubic feet. When you get the amount right, you eliminate one potential source of water softener problem.

What is Dowex resin?

Strong, insoluble structure—DOWEX fine mesh resins are based on a microporous copolymer of styrene and divinylbenzene (DVB) that results in maximum resistance to oxidation, reduction, mechanical wear and breakage. What’s more, this structure is also insoluble in common solvents. Figure 1 depicts the synthesis of DOWEX resins.

What is Dowex MB-50?

DOWEX MB-50. A Ready-for-use Regenerable Mixed Bed Resin for Production of High Quality Water in Lab and Industrial Applications. Product Resin ratio Matrix Functional group. DOWEX* MB-50 1.2:1 by equivalent, cation:anion Styrene-DVB gel Sulfonic acid, quaternary amine. Guaranteed Sales Specifications OH- form H+ form.

What is MB-50 resin used for?

DOWEX MB-50 resin is used for production of high quality water for laboratory and industrial use. Warning: Oxidizing agents such as nitric acid attack organic ion exchange resins under certain conditions. This could lead to anything from slight resin degradation to a violent exothermic reaction (explosion).