What is tailenders anime?

What is tailenders anime?

Synopsis. Tomoe Shiro, a formidable racer with a very promising career, experiments a U-turn when a serious accident puts his life at stake. He recovers miraculously though when his heart is replaced with the engine of his own racing car.

Was Redline a failure?

The animated film Redline can be widely considered a failure. It was a flop and didn’t make back most of the it’s budget. It grossed $8.2 Million with a budget of $30 Million.

Is Redline considered anime?

Redline is an anime movie directed by Takeshi Koike and written by Katsuhito Ishii.

Is Redline an anime or a movie?

Redline (Japanese: レッドライン, Hepburn: Reddo rain, stylized as REDLINE) is a 2009 Japanese animated science fiction film produced by Madhouse and directed by Takeshi Koike in his directorial debut.

What is tailender in cricket?

tailender in British English (ˌteɪlˈɛndə ) a person at the tail end, esp (in cricket) the batter or batters last in the batting order.

What happened at the end of Redline?

Sonoshee and JP died in the explosion and it’s their spirits that finish the race before drifting into the afterlife. They still won; REDLINE has no rules beyond staying on the track, so death is no disqualification.

How fast are they going in Redline?

Redlines vary anywhere from a few hundred revolutions per minute (rpm) (in very large engines such as those in trains and generators) to more than 10,000 rpm (in smaller, usually high-performance engines such as motorcycles, some sports cars, and pistonless rotary engines).

What was the budget for the demon slayer movie?

15.75 million USDDemon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba the Movie: Mugen Train / Budget

Is REDLINE appropriate for kids?

Parents need to know that although the cool cars and sexy women may appeal to teens (particularly boys), this is a violent film — explosions, gunfights, fistfights, etc. — that glamorizes illegal street and track racing.

Is machinehead Sonoshee’s dad?

Machinehead and Sonoshee are father and daughter. It’s subtle, but it’s there. During the Oasis Club scene Sonoshee does mention that she was expecting company, and when Machinehead makes his entrance she visibly waves her hand at him.

Where can I watch REDLINE anime?

Watch Redline | Prime Video.

What is a bunny in cricket?

Cricinfo defines a bunny as “Also known as rabbit, a member of the side who cannot bat and is chosen as a specialist bowler or wicketkeeper, and who almost always bats at number 11.