What is the difference between a Rockdoor and a composite door?

What is the difference between a Rockdoor and a composite door?

Whilst most composite doors are a mixture of materials (as mentioned above, GRP, Timber and PU Foam are most typically used), a Rockdoor is different as we use PVC for the door sash, inner frame and outer frame with a solid insulating core. This means the materials work as one ensuring optimum performance.

How secure is a Rockdoor?

Rockdoor is consistently found to be one of the most secure doors available in the UK, studies show that a Rockdoor is 35% stronger than a typical GRP door.

How long is a Rockdoor guarantee?

2 year guarantee for all door furniture. All service issues must be provided with photographic evidence & door production number. All doors must be fitted in accordance with Rockdoors Five Star Installation guidelines.

Are rock doors better than composite?

Ultimate Rockdoors also features Carbon Fibre reinforcement which strengthens the door even further, unlike other composite doors that are cut down and consequently weakened.

What is the best composite door brand?

What Are the Best Composite Doors?

  1. Rockdoor. Rockdoor has been providing top-quality composite doors for over 25 years.
  2. Endurance Doors. Endurance Doors is another best-selling British manufacturer that has over 1,900 installers across the nation.
  3. GRP Composite Doors.
  4. Hallmark Panels.
  5. Everest.
  6. Solidor.

Are composite doors better than uPVC?

Both are versatile and can be designed in any way you choose. However, composite doors are more robust and resilient, meaning they will maintain their appearance for longer. While uPVC doors may suffer from the elements and fade over time, composite doors will not.

What is the most secure front door UK?

Those looking for a highly secure front door in the UK have several options. Foremost among these is the Rockdoor composite front door, the strongest composite door in the UK, which is famous for being impossible to break into – even by policemen – without highly specialist tools.

What type of lock is on a Rockdoor?

Rockdoors feature the most secure types of locking cylinders available. A TS007 3 Star Sold Secure Diamond Standard cylinder is fitted on all Rockdoors as standard.

How do you clean Rockdoor?

Cleaning a Rockdoor is completely hassle-free. All you need is a bucket of warm soapy water and a soft non-abrasive cloth. Simply give the door a wipe with the cloth to remove any dirt or grit and you’re all done!

Do composite doors warp in the sun?

Can a Composite Door Warp? The simple answer is ‘no’. If the door is operated correctly, but the reason why composite doors do not warp or expand is slightly more complex. Good quality composite doors will have been designed to resist swelling, warping or losing their shape in any way.

What are Rockdoor made of?

Our Rockdoor composite doors are expertly crafted, including a thick uPVC skin, a high-density polyurethane core and an inner frame that’s reinforced by carbon fibre.

How do I choose a composite door?

This article gives seven questions you should ask your composite door supplier in order to check how good their product really is.

  1. How thermally efficient is it?
  2. How secure is it?
  3. How good is the hardware?
  4. What is the weather performance?
  5. Is it available in a wide range of colours?
  6. What marketing support can I have?