What is the GLR reactor?

What is the GLR reactor?

Glass lined Reactors (GLR’s) have a glass (enamel) coating on the product wetted surfaces to provide high levels of chemical resistance to said surfaces.

Why glass lined reactor color is blue?

A: The blue coloring comes from the cobalt that was added to the glass formulations a long time ago. Usually the choice of which color to use comes down to concerns about cleaning and what particles could be left behind.

Which glass is used in GLR reactor?

Borosilicate Glass 3.3
GLASS REACTOR Our range of reactors and components, manufactured from Borosilicate Glass 3.3, provide excellent resistance to chemical attack and corrosion as well as transparency for optimum visual observation.

How many types of GLR reactors are there?

3 general
There are 3 general reactor styles under DIN in line with the increasing volume per reactor.

What is AE and CE type reactor difference?

The CE Reactor Type:- Dimensionally designed to DIN 28136, these flexible reactors allow a number of optional variations for bespoke critical requests. The series of CE Reactors is a multipurpose range of reactor in one-piece construction, eliminating the large main joint which is normally found on the AE Reactors.

What is glass line technology?

Glass Lined equipment provides an idealised technical solution for chemical and pharmaceutical processing applications. A glass coating is sprayed then thermally fused onto the surface of substrate material, typically steel, at high temperature in a repetitive process until the desired glass thickness is achieved.

Why tantalum plug used in glass lined reactor?

Metals. Tantalum is the most common repair metal used in glass-lined equipment because its corrosion resistance is very similar to glass. When this level of corrosion resistance is not required (or inadequate in some instances) other metals are used, such as titanium, gold-platinum or even stainless steel.

What is tantalum plug?

Tantalum plug is use to handle pitting pa. Glass line reactor is use for handling exothermic or endothermic reaction which handle very critical fluid, no metal can stand at that temp due to very acidic nature and high reactor temperature due to that reactor is need to glass lined.

What is SSR reactor?

Jacketed Reaction Stainless Steel Reactor Vessel for cooling / heating. Reaction vessel is a container with an agitator for mixing, dispersing and reaction of different materials in chemical production. It is widely used in chemical, food, pharmaceuticals, resin, coating, paint, printing ink industry.

Why glass lined reactors are used?

Glass Lined reactors are primarily used for carrying out critical chemical processes where corrosion resistance and chemical inertness are of critical importance. Steel reactors, whilst very important in the industry, have many drawbacks compared to the glass lined options.

How many types of glass lined reactor?

The three standard design series for De Dietrich glass-lined reactors are referred to as CTJ, GL, and SA.

Where is earthing in glass lined reactor?

How to provide earthing for GLR. Glass lined reactor earthing should provide top from the reactor with strip used SS 316 due to direct contacting with solvent…