What is the history of Thorpe Park?

What is the history of Thorpe Park?

History of Thorpe Park Thorpe Park Resort was then built in the 1970s on the gravel pit which was partially flooded, creating a unique water-based theme for the park which would later lead to the marketing strapline “An Island Like No Other”. It was officially opened to the public by Lord Louis Mountbatten in 1979.

Why is Thorpe Park called Thorpe Park?

Thorpe Park Resort, commonly known as Thorpe Park, is an amusement park located in the village of Thorpe between the towns of Chertsey and Staines-upon-Thames in Surrey, England.

When was Thorpe Park built?

May 24, 1979THORPE PARK Resort / Opened

What is Thorpe parks oldest ride?

Princess Diana enjoys a ride on the Rumba Rapids, It opened in 1987 under the name of Thunder River, and is the oldest ride currently still in service at Thorpe Park.

Why is Thorpe Park so popular?

With over 30 thrilling rides, attractions and live events, Thorpe Park Resort is the ultimate experience for both thrill-seekers and families and the UK’s must visit destination to scream louder, laugh harder and share endless fun.

What happened to the slammer at Thorpe Park?

Shortly after the 2017 season started in April, Thorpe Park announced Slammer was closed for the season, likely due to continued technical issues. On May 4, 2017, after 12 years service at the resort, Thorpe Park stated Slammer would be closed permanently and instead would be removed to make way for future attractions.

How many roller coasters does Thorpe Park have?

Thorpe Park is an Island Like No Other! Across almost 40 years, we have amassed over 30 incredible rides and attractions and among them… our 5 BIG coasters!!! These coasters have huge personalities and they’re all competing for your attention, so let’s remind ourselves of what makes them so fabulous…

How many rides does Thorpe Park have?

30 rides
Home to over 30 rides, attractions & live events, Thorpe Park is the UK’s most thrilling theme park!

Why did Thorpe Park close slammer?

What is unique about Thorpe Park?

Choose from exhilarating coasters, soaking water rides and white-knuckle attractions. Did you know that our coasters have the most inversions of any other theme park on the rest of the continent? We have 22 of them! Thorpe Park is the only place in the UK where you can experience some world firsts and record breakers.

Why did Loggers Leap closed?

In 2013, the tunnel enclosing the first lift and drop was removed due to poor structural maintenance over time. Loggers Leap did not open after the 2015 season and stood not operating. The park announced via social media that the ride was “under redevelopment”.

Has there been any accidents at Thorpe Park?

In a statement recently sent to Surrey Live, Thorpe Park confirmed that a guest at the park has suffered serious injuries. “On 18th July 2020, an incident took place at the Thorpe Park Resort where a guest was seriously injured by another guest,” part of the statement reads.