What is the mobility of germanium?

What is the mobility of germanium?

Detailed Solution

Ge Si
Electron mobility 3800 cm2/V-sec 1300 cm2/V-sec
Hole mobility 1800 cm2/V-sec 500 cm2/V-sec

What is the approximate mobility of holes in germanium at room temperature?

Basic Parameters

Breakdown field ≈105V cm-1
Mobility electrons ≤3900 cm2 V-1s-1
Mobility holes ≤1900 cm2 V-1s-1
Diffusion coefficient electrons ≤100 cm2 s-1
Diffusion coefficient holes ≤50 cm2 s-1

What is the mobility of hole?

The hole mobility is defined by a similar equation: Both electron and hole mobilities are positive by definition. Usually, the electron drift velocity in a material is directly proportional to the electric field, which means that the electron mobility is a constant (independent of the electric field).

Do holes have mobility?

Since holes are subjected to the stronger atomic force pulled by the nucleus than the electrons residing in the higher shells or farther shells, holes have a lower mobility. because electron effective mass is smaller than holes therefore mobility of electron is higher than holes.

Which has the highest mobility Mcq?

The effective mass of electrons is less than that of holes hence electrons have higher mobility than holes.

What is the Hall coefficient of germanium?

This experiment measured the Hall Coefficient of a sample of germanium to be (1.55±0.15)x10-2 m3/C.

What is hole mobility in semiconductor?

The ability of an hole to move through a metal or semiconductor, in the presence of applied electric field is called hole mobility. It is mathematically written as. Vp = µpE. Where vp = drift velocity of holes. µp = mobility of holes.

How is hole mobility measured?

The most common way to make your electrical measurements is to deposit the HTL on gals and then supply it with two or three metallic ohmic contacted. relation: R= L/qupA, where R is the resistance, u the mobility, p is the hole concentration, L the the length of the specimen and A its cross sectional area.

Do holes actually move?

Holes are also mobile. An electron within the valence band may fill the hole, leaving another hole in its place. In this way a hole appears to move. In the presence of an electric field electrons move in one direction and holes appear to move in the opposite direction.

Which has more mobility electrons or holes?

The ratio of the velocity to the applied field is called the mobility. Since electron is lighter than holes, they move faster in applied field than holes.

What has the highest mobility 1 point?

Detailed Solution EXPLANATION: The effective mass of electrons is 9.11 × 10-31 kg. Holes being present in the valence band are closer to the nuclei and experience more attractive force and hence have a higher effective mass. So, the mobility of free electrons is higher than that of holes because electrons are lighter.

Which has higher mobility electron or hole?

Mobility of electrons and holes depends on their effective masses. Effective mass of electrons is less than that of holes hence electrons have higher mobility than holes.