What is the moral of the short story thank you ma am?

What is the moral of the short story thank you ma am?

From this story, you could suggest several different morals: Choosing to trust people, when they are sorry for their wrong actions, can encourage them to make better decisions in the future. We all make wrong choices, but a person can always repent and change their ways.

What is the story thank you ma’am by Langston Hughes about?

Thank You, Ma’am by Langston Hughes, tells the story of Mrs. Jones, an elderly woman walking home, and Roger, a teenager who tries to steal her purse so he can buy a new pair of blue suede shoes. She takes him to her home instead of the police station, gives him food and cleans him up.

Is thank you ma’am a real story?

Thank You Ma’am, by Langston Hughes, takes place in 1950’s Harlem, New York. It’s a realistic fiction story about a young flippant boy named Roger who tries to take a comely and opinionated elderly woman’s pocketbook.

Who is a large woman with a large purse in thank you ma’am story?

Luella Bates Washington Jones is a large and kind old woman. In the story, Roger, a young fourteen year old boy, tries to take Mrs. Jones purse. After snatching her purse, he falls to the ground where she picks him up and asks him why he is so dirty.

What is the symbolism used in thank you ma am?

Roger’s pair of blue suede shoes is the most potent symbol in “Thank You, M’am.” In the context of the story, they symbolize money, desire, and the dream of a better life. For Roger, they symbolize a kind of luxury that he wouldn’t be able to afford otherwise, and thus the shoes come to represent the unattainable.

What is the purpose of thank you ma am?

Thank You Ma’am– Langston Hughes I think the authors purpose was to show readers that the wrong thing could turn into something good. Just always do the right thing.

What are the social issues in the story thank you ma am?

Social Issues: Students can participate in collaborative discussion about adolescent incarceration, stealing, disrespect towards the elderly, and other social issues they feel are necessary to discuss.

What is the moral lesson of the story thank you ma’am Brainly?

The theme of Thank You, Ma’am is that lessons in what is right and what is wrong are better delivered in an environment of kindness.

What is the meaning of thank you mam?

Definition of thank-you-ma’am : a bump or depression in a road especially : a ridge or hollow made across a road on a hillside to cause water to run off.

What happens when the boy tries to steal the woman’s purse?

What happens when Roger tries to steal Mrs. Jones’s purse in “Thank You, M’am”? The purse is so heavy that he loses his balance and falls. What can you infer about Mrs.

Who are the main characters in thank you ma am?

The two characters in Langston Hughes’ short story “Thank You, M’am” are Mrs. Luella Bates Washington Jones and Roger. Roger is depicted as a youthful, guileless young adult who settles on the crazy choice to endeavor to take Mrs. Jones’ satchel as she is heading back home alone one evening.

What is the irony in thank you ma am?

“Thank You, Ma’am” uses irony to emphasize the victim acting nicely towards her harasser, giving off a message of kindness to others and teaching them what is right and wrong instead of punishment.

Why did Langston Hughes write Thank you Ma’am?

Langston Hughes was an important and prolific writer during the Harlem Renaissance of the early 20th century. He wrote about African-American life and experience. Thank You Ma’am is about what happens when a teenage boy and an older working woman collide on a Harlem street. Are you a student or a teacher?

Was Langston Hughes mugging old ladies?

This is not to suggest Langston Hughes was out mugging old ladies, but that he himself had been separated from his parents as a young boy and was forced to live with his grandmother who raised him.

What did Langston Hughes do as a child?

As a child being raised by his grandmother in Lawrence, Kansas, Langston Hughes began a lifelong exploration of literature and blues music. He later went to Columbia University, worked in hotels, and traveled the world as a cook’s assistant on freighters.

What is the theme of”Thank you Ma’am”by Langston Hughes?

”Thank You, Ma’am” by Langston Hughes is a short story that tells of forgiveness, second chances, and compassion — all of which are displayed by Ms. Washington to Roger, a young man who attempts to steal her purse. Explore the theme, summary, and analysis of this tale. Updated: 11/23/2021