What is the rarest uber in Battle Cats?

What is the rarest uber in Battle Cats?

Nekoluga is an Uber Rare Cat that can be unlocked by playing the Rare Cat Capsule during the Tales of the Nekoluga, Superfest, Epicfest and Uberfest. True Form greatly increases his attack power and gives him the ability to Freeze any non-Metal enemy.

What are the chances of getting an uber rare cat from a 11 draw?

in regular events its 75% for rares, 20% for super rares,and 5% for ubers. in epic/uber fest its 9% for ubers,26% for super rares,and 65% for rares. So if you do 11 draw on Fest, then you have an almost 100% chance of getting an Uber.

How do you guarantee uber rare cat in Battle Cats?

Guaranteed Uber Rare Cat Campaign

  1. During this campaign, at least 1 Uber Rare Cat will be obtained when a player uses the “11 Consecutive Cat Capsule” (11x Roll) for Rare Cat Capsule.
  2. Only Uber Rare Characters that can be obtained from the current Rare Cat Capsule event are guaranteed during this campaign.

What is the cheapest uber rare cat?

Evangelist Cat
Evangelist Cat is one of the cheapest Uber Rare Cats, second to only Chicken Cat, which no longer exists and was never obtainable to begin with. Evangelist Cat is the only non-Special Cat to be obtained via serial code and the only Uber Rare besides Chicken Cat to not drop from Rare Cat Capsules.

Is Kai a good Uber?

Kai is a very tough and durable tank unit, especially against Floating enemies. Despite her short range, this unit is extremely useful to stop slow and strong Floating enemies such as the Crazed Bird Cat for a while and inflict good damage.

How do you get Miko Mitama?

Miko Mitama is an Uber Rare Cat that can be unlocked by playing the Rare Cat Capsule during the Uberfest and Superfest events.

Does Epicfest have guaranteed Uber?

0 and includes all Uber Rare Cats from every common pool with a higher chance to obtain them. Additionally, the set includes the exclusive characters Shadow Gao, Dark Mitama, D’arktanyan, Kasli the Bane and Dark Aegis Garu….Information on Gacha Chances.

expected Uber loss expected Uber drop
3% guarantee 0.25 1.30

How do you get Ururun Wolf?

Ururun Wolf is a Special Cat that can be unlocked when beating The Great Escaper.

Should I roll on the Almighties?

Almighties – Definitely roll this set, they don’t have a true form, so you can instantly use them later.

Is Bora cat good?

Firstly, the improved attack is good as it allows him to stand on a passable level of DPS for an Uber against non-Aliens for his range. However, better alternatives are aplenty. Against Aliens, however, his damage improvement puts him as one of the highest DPS among all Alien nukers.

Is Hayabusa a good Uber?

Oni Hayabusa is particularly useful in Honey Trap (Deadly), as he’s immune to slow, can attack Queen B even if THE SLOTH gets in the way thanks to his Long Distance ability, and said ability also allows him to easily deal with the Kroxos, and at level 30, he can one-shot the Brollows.