What is the ring called on a keychain?

What is the ring called on a keychain?

A keyring or split ring or “circle cotter” is a ring that holds keys and other small items, which are sometimes connected to keychains. Other types of keyrings are made of leather, wood and rubber.

What is the point of a key ring?

What are Keyrings Used for? Keyrings are the most popular promotional items and the most common of all souvenirs. A decent keyring will keep your keys gathered together and secure, they also provide ease of access to your keys when reaching into your bag for them.

What ring size is a keychain?

Key Ring Sizes

Dimension 10 mm 2in
Thickness 1/16″ 3/16″
Outside Diameter 3/8″ 2″
Inside Diameter 5/16″ 1-11/16″

What is a key holder called?

Noun. The holder of a key. keykeeper.

How many keys are on a key ring?

What to Include on Your Car Key Ring. Too many keys on a key ring can damage your ignition switch. If you have more than six keys on your key ring, you will end up damaging your car.

How big should a keychain be?

For best results we suggest keeping the design as simple as possible. Less is more when personalizing your own keychains. Many customers forget that the average keychain size is only 1″X2″ in size. Product includes a large 1″ and one small 1/2″ ring.

What kind of key rings do we offer?

We offer many styles, shapes and designs of plain key rings. From beaded chain to binder rings, split key rings (in brass and nickel plate), tamper proof key rings and parts to make your own key chains. Keyring.com has the solutions to help you organize your keys.

Where can I buy custom keyrings?

Keyring.com is the leading online retailer specializing in custom engraved key tags. novelty key rings, keychains, key identifiers, split keyrings, key tags, key cases. Distributor of Key Bak Products.

What can keyring do for You?

Keyring.com has the solutions to help you organize your keys. Key tags in plastic, paper and metal, key head identifiers as well as key hiders, storage and restroom key tags.

What is the finish of the initial key ring?

Our newest Initial key ring is made of metal and finished in a two-tone nickel finish. One part of the initial is a brushed satin nickel and the other part is a shiny nickel-plated.