What is the rule for WH Digraph?

What is the rule for WH Digraph?

The ‘wh’ letter combination can be pronounced /w/ with the ‘h’ not pronounced (e.g., white). It can be pronounced /h/ with the ‘w’ not pronounced (e.g., who) and in some dialects of English it is pronounced /hw/.

What is the sound of ere?

There are three spelling patterns that make the /eer/ sound. 👉 That’s the long e sound plus the /r/ sound.

What is the rule for the EA sound?

Rule: Two vowels side by side in a word, make one sound and have more than one pronunciation. Vowel team ea is pronounced with the long e as in seat AND short e as in head. Sort the Spelling Words by the vowel team /ea/ sounds. Write neatly!

Is EER a trigraph?

In these words, the letters eer is making the eeah sound. This means that rather than this lesson being about an alternative pronunciation, it is more about an alternative spelling rule. When three letters together make one sound, we call it a trigraph. The ere mainly can be seen at the end of words.

Is ere a diphthong?

Diphthongs Compilation – oi, oy / eer, ere, ear / ow, ou /air, ear, are – YouTube.

Is ere r controlled?

r-Controlled Vowels: eer, ere, ear.

How do I teach EA or EE?

EE and EA Vowel Teams One trick is to use a guide word with each spelling when introducing these. So you would introduce ee with the word tree, and ea with the word meat. Then when your students ask which spelling to use for a long e word, you can say ‘/ee/ like tree/meat’.

Is ear long e or short e?

So, if you were to guess at the pronunciation of a word spelled ear, the long e plus an r sound is the better guess. The next largest chunk of pronunciations for the ea spelling is breaking it up into two separate vowel sounds in two separate syllables. This includes the words area, idea, and create.

Is ear a diphthong?

This diphthong usually occurs with the letter combinations “ARE” and “AIR,” but be careful: it also sometimes occurs with “EAR,” which is often pronounced /ɪər/. All of the root “EAR” words that have the /ɛər/ pronunciation are listed below.