What is the slicer function in Excel?

What is the slicer function in Excel?

Slicers provide buttons that you can click to filter tables, or PivotTables. In addition to quick filtering, slicers also indicate the current filtering state, which makes it easy to understand what exactly is currently displayed.

How do you insert a slicer in Excel?

How to Use Slicers in Excel? The following two steps can be followed to include slicers in Excel tables or Excel pivot tables. Step 1: Convert the data into a tabular format or a pivot table format. Step 2: Select any cell of the Excel table or pivot table and insert slicers.

Can you format a slicer in Excel?

The slicer can also be formatted with ‘New slicer style’ in the ‘slicer styles’ group with the ‘New Format Style Dialogue Box’ by choosing the ‘slicer element’ and by clicking the ‘Format’ button.

How do you filter data using a slicer in Excel?

Use a slicer to filter data

  1. Select Insert > Slicer.
  2. Select the fields you’d like to filter.
  3. Select OK and adjust your slicer preferences, such as Columns, under Options. Note: To select more than one item, hold Ctrl, and then select the items that you want to show.
  4. Select Clear Filter. to clear the slicer filter.

What is the difference between a slicer and filter?

In Summary Slicers are visualizations on a Power BI canvas that allows users to refine the data for themselves easily. Filters are for developers to refine specific visuals, entire pages, or whole workbooks before sharing the dashboard(s) with end-users.

Can I use slicer without pivot table?

The chart data and the values in G1:G13 will change based on the selected Cost Center from the slicers list as can be seen the data in the range B1:F13 can be filtered with a slicer without inserting a Pivot Table.

How do you use slicer in Excel without pivot table?

Using Slicers with Non Pivot Data

  1. Select any cell within the Cost Centre table.
  2. Add the Pivot Table to the existing worksheet in cell C16 and select OK.
  3. Place the Cost Center to the rows area.
  4. Select Cost Center.
  5. Right click your Slicer and select Slicer Settings.
  6. Select OK.

How do you beautify a slicer?

How to modify the looks of the slicer!

  1. Step 1) Duplicate a Standard Slicer Style. Select the Slicer then in the Options tab. Under Slicer Styles, Right click on active style and click Duplicate.
  2. Step 2) Modify the Duplicated Style. You can explore each element and format it the way you want!

Can I use slicer without PivotTable?

How do you organize a slicer?

For sort the slicer in a custom order, please follow the steps below:

  1. Select the slicer you want to sort, then click File -> Options -> Advanced -> General group -> Click “Edit Custom Lists…” button.
  2. Then click “NEW LIST” -> put the slicer items in the List entries: -> Then click Add.

What are the two types of slicers?

There are three types in which you can select the slicer items; single select, multi-select and select all option. From the Slicer header tab, you can set the font and background color of the header. You can also select the outline type, text size and font type of the text.