What is the synonym of servant?

What is the synonym of servant?


  • attendant,
  • companion,
  • factotum,
  • follower.
  • What is servant hood?

    the condition of being a servant.

    Is there such a word as servanthood?

    Servanthood definition The role of being a servant.

    Who are servants?

    noun. a person employed by another, especially to perform domestic duties. a person in the service of another. a person employed by the government: a public servant.

    What is group of servants called?

    Answer. Vote. Clue: Group of servants. Answer: TEAM.

    What it means to be a servant leader?

    Servant leadership is a leadership style and philosophy whereby an individual interacts with others—either in a management or fellow employee capacity—to achieve authority rather than power.

    Who is a servant of God according to the Bible?

    The expression “servant of God” appears nine times in the Bible, the first five in the Old Testament, the last four in the New. The Hebrew Bible refers to “Moses the servant of Elohim” (עֶֽבֶד הָאֱלֹהִ֛ים ‘eḇeḏ-hā’ĕlōhîm; 1 Chronicles 6:49, 2 Chronicles 24:9, Nehemiah 10:29, and Daniel 9:11).

    What does Jesus say about serving others?

    Jesus once said that whatever we do to the least of our neighbors, we do to Him. So if you really want to serve Him, the best way to start is by serving the needy.

    Who founded servants of God?

    In 1929, the Khudai Khidmatgars (“Servants of God”) movement, led by Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan, nonviolently mobilized to oppose the British in India’s Northwest Frontier Province.

    What is a group of husbands called?

    If a marriage involves a plural number of “husbands and wives” participants of each gender, then it can be called polygamy, group or conjoint marriage. In its broadest use, polyandry refers to sexual relations with multiple males within or without marriage.