What kind of foam is Divinycell?

What kind of foam is Divinycell?

-rigid PVC foam
Divinycell is a semi-rigid PVC foam used as a sandwich core material when strength, stiffness and low weight is desired. It has excellent insulating properties and a closed-cell structure that makes it impervious to water.

Does Divinycell foam absorb water?

ProductsCore Materials Divinycell FoamDivinycell H Other key features of Divinycell H include consistent high quality, excellent adhesion/peel strength, excellent chemical resistance, low water absorption and good thermal/acoustic insulation.

What foam for boat building?

MARINE FOAM SHEETS These marine polyurethane foams provide structural strength with moisture resistance, enabling boat designers to replace wood components with a top-quality, non-decaying product. This product is fully compatible with fiberglass-laminating production methods.

What is Airex foam made of?

Airy & pure. All AIREX® Swiss-made products are comprised of up to 96% air, which makes them unique in the world. Air is the essence of our products, but also the nature of our brand philosophy.

What is Divinycell made of?

Divinycell F is a polyethersulfone-based (PESU), recyclable foamed core material, made from BASF’s Ultrason E thermoplastic resin. It combines light weight characteristics with excellent mechanical properties.

Is Divinycell a PVC?

Divinycell – PVC materials with excellent strength-to weight It is widely used and has a proven track record in virtually every application area employing sandwich composites, including wind, marine, industry and transports.

What is Klegecell foam?

Klegecell R is a PVC based, rigid, closed-cell foam with a tri-dimensional grid structure, which provides high thermal stability and structural integrity. As a structural core, Klegecell R is used in conjunction with high strength facings to produce lightweight, yet exceptionally stiff composite structures.

What type of foam is used in boat hulls?

polyurethane foam
Like thermal tanks, boats also benefit from the advantages of using polyurethane as a large cavity filler. In the case of boats, filling the hull with polyurethane ensures insulation and buoyancy.

What type of foam does not absorb water?

Closed cell foam is more impermeable to water, vapor, and air. Therefore, it is less likely to be structurally impacted by the effects associated with water damage: mold, mildew, rot, and bacteria.

What is Corecell?

Gurit® Corecell™ M is a structural foam core material using a SAN polymer base featuring high toughness and impact resistant characteristics. It offers very reliable processing without outgassing for high quality parts.

Can you bend Divinycell?

You can form Divinycell with heat. I used a heat gun to bend it to conform to the deck crown of my board. It does not ‘spring back’ after it takes a ‘set’. You can heat it up and bend it with your hands, holding it while it cools and it remains the way you bend it.

What is Divinycell H80?

Divinycell H80 is a lightweight structural core for boats, reefers, doors, containers when higher physicals than H45 are required. Plain Divinycell sheets are not contourable, and are excellent for decks and boat hulls. Product is sold by the individual 4′ x 8′ sheet.

What is Divinycell foam?

A closed cell medium to high density foam which has high compression strength, durability, and excellent fire resistance. Divinycell can be vacuum formed to compound shapes and can be bent using heat. Compatible with polyester, vinylester, and epoxy resins.

What materials can Divinycell be used on?

Divinycell can be vacuum formed to compound shapes and can be bent using heat. Compatible with polyester, vinylester, and epoxy resins. 3M GLASS BUBBLES 1 LB. FLOCKED COTTON FIBER 1 LB.

What are the different grades of Divinycell H?

The series comes in grades H, HP, HM, HT, MX and HCP with different features suitable for many applications, and each grade has a variety of densities. Divinycell H offers excellent mechanical properties and low weight.