What Minecraft mod has the Big Bertha?

What Minecraft mod has the Big Bertha?

The Big Bertha is a high-damaging sword added by the OreSpawn mod. It deals 500 health points worth of damage, and is capable of one-shotting most mobs.

How do you make a Big Bertha in Minecraft?

Big Bertha is obtained by defeating a variety of bosses found not only in the Overworld but also in other dimensions. It is crafted using 3 separately constructed items: The handle, the guard, and the blade. It does 500 attack damage, has 9000 durability, and has an extended reach.

Is OreSpawn a big mod?

OreSpawn is a mod by TheyCallMeDanger that adds things like new weapons and bosses. It is often criticized and not included in major modpacks because of how many people see it as overpowered.

What is the strongest weapon in Crazy Craft 4?

The Royal Guardian Sword is obtained by either killing the King Boss or finding it in a Tier 6 Dungeon in the unstable ant dimension, although the Horror Packman mod adds a tiny chance (Pray RNGesus <0.1%( Confirm ) ) of also getting it when killing the Pacman.

How do you get green goo in Crazy Craft?

Obtaining. To get the Green Goo you must either spawn and kill a Triffid or find one on a round island in the Danger Dimension. To get to the Danger Dimension, you must right click an unstable ant with an empty hand.

Which ant is the danger dimension?

unstable ant
The danger dimension is known for bosses. To get to this dimension, look for an unstable ant and click it with an empty hand. Multiple sets of ultimate gear and Big Bertha are recommended.

How do I get the royal guardian sword?

Does crazy craft have OreSpawn?

No they are not the same thing. Crazy Craft is a whole bunch of mods that do all sorts of crazy things. OreSpawn is a single mod used as the “base” of Crazy Craft because of the number of awesome mobs that it has (along with other things).

How do I get Royal Guardian set?

The Royal Guardian armour can only be obtained in survival by either killing the King or completing the 6th level in the danger dungeon. Doing either of these tasks will reward you also with the Royal Guardian Sword.

How do you make Big Bertha in Minecraft?

Combine these 3 parts in a diagonal formation from bottom left to top right in your crafting grid to obtain Big Bertha. Combining Big Bertha and an iron ingot in a crafting table will allow you to create Slice (a white version of Big Bertha). There are no differences between Slice and Big Bertha, apart from appearance.

Why is it called Big Bertha?

This sword is MASSIVE. Hence the name Big Bertha. Its so big that it comes in specific parts. The Hilt, The Blade, And the handle. Its so big that it can phase through blocks.

How powerful is the Big Bertha sword?

In comparison to the Amythest sword, the Big Bertha is the second most powerful sword in OreSpawn. Instead of 15, this sword does only a little bit more damage. 485 more, to be exact. Yes, this sword does an astonishing 500 damage. This sword is MASSIVE. Hence the name Big Bertha. Its so big that it comes in specific parts.

How much damage does Big Bertha do?

Big Bertha deals 500 melee damage (250 hearts). You can one-shot many mobs with it . For stronger swords, see Royal Guardian Sword. For other swords, see Slice .