What physical fitness is required for CDS?

What physical fitness is required for CDS?

(a) The candidate must be in good physical and mental health and free from any disease/disability which is likely to interfere with the efficient performance of duties. (b) There should be no evidence of weak constitution, bodily defects or over weight.

Is there any dress code for CDS exam?

CDS 2021 Exam: Dress Code Any electronic device/gadgets or hand bracelet are not allowed. Designer and artificial products/things are not allowed to be taken inside the exam hall. Candidates are restricted from wearing shorts to the exam hall.

What is the criteria for CDS exam?

Education Qualification CDS Eligibility
Indian Military Academy (IMA) and Officers’ Training Academy (OTA) Bachelor’s Degree From a recognised university
Air Force Academy (AFA) Graduation (with Physics and Mathematics at Class 12) or Bachelor of Engineering

Are tattoos allowed in CDS?

No, candidate not allowed with Tattoo for CDS. You can’t clear CDS exam if you have tatoo on your hand as tatoo is not permitted on any part of the body in clearing CDS exam. The Indian Army will not recruit men with permanent tattoos anywhere on the body, save the arms.

Is there any physical test in OTA?

It is advisable that he / she conditions himself / herself physically to cope with the physically demanding training….Physical Fitness And Sports At OTA Chennai.

Minimum Standards on Arrival
Activities Gentlemen Ladies
Sit Ups 30 25
Push Up 40 10
Chin Up 06 02

Is height important for CDS exam?

The minimum acceptable height for male candidates is 157.5 cm (157 cm for Navy and 162.5 cm for Air Force). For Gorkhas and candidates belonging to North-Eastern regions, Garhwali and Kumaon, the minimum height will be 5 cm less.

Can I wear shorts in UPSC exam?

Applicants must not wear any hand bracelet or electronic device. Candidates should not wear shorts to the exam hall.

What should we carry in CDS exam hall?

Items permitted inside the exam centre are a black ballpoint pen and sanitiser in a transparent bottle. Candidates must wear a face mask all the time at the exam centre and they should follow COVID-19 norms of ‘social distancing’ as well as ‘personal hygiene’ inside the exam hall.

What is CDS in medical terms?

Clinical decision support (CDS) provides timely information, usually at the point of care, to help inform decisions about a patient’s care. CDS tools and systems help clinical teams by taking over some routine tasks, warning of potential problems, or providing suggestions for the clinical team and patient to consider.

What is salary of CDS officer?

CDS Salary

CDS Salary & Pay Scale
CDS Ranks CDS Pay Scale Pay Level
Captain Rs 61,300/ to 1,93,900/ Per month Level 10B
Major Rs 69,400/ to 2,07,200/ Per month Level 11
Lt Colonel Rs 1,21,200/ to 2,12,400/ Per month Level 12A

How many times I can give CDS exam?

2 – Is there any attempt limit for attending CDS 2018 exam? A. 2 – No. Explanation : There is no restrictions over no of attempts rather there is age limit.

Is there Gym in OTA Chennai?

Physical fitness and sports at Officers Training Academy, Chennai. It is one of the premier Pre-commission Training Institutions of Indian Army, which is designed to commission approximately 750 Short Service Commissioned Army officers each year.

What are the CDS exam day guidelines?

While appearing for the CDS exam, candidates need to follow the exam day guidelines given below: Candidates should carry their admit cards along with one photo identity proof (original and photocopy) to the exam centre

Is it advisable to get medical examination before applying for CDs 2022?

It is advisable to all the candidates that they get themselves examined by a professional physician as per CDS physical and medical standards before applying for any of the posts under CDS 2022 Examination. Ques. Can the 12th pass apply for the CDS 2022 exam? Ans.

What is the maximum age limit for CDS exam?

The minimum age required is 19 years. The maximum age allowed is 24 for IMA and INA, 23 for AFA, and 25 for OTA. Ques. How many attempts are there for the CDS exam? Ans. Though the age limit and marital conditions have been specified by the conducting body, there is no limit for the number of attempts.

What is CDS exam physical Eligibility Test?

For more details such as vision standards, Height & weight criteria, eyesight criteria, Ear, Nose, throat, teeth condition etc. you have to stay tuned for the upcoming sections. CDS Exam physical eligibility test also includes one major point and that is the aspirant’s height.