What tires come on a M3?

What tires come on a M3?

On a typical late-model BMW M3, the front tires are 265/30ZR20, and the rear tires are 285/30ZR20.

What offset for E46 M3?


Style Number: Style 67
Front Offset: ET+47
Rear Offset: ET+26
Bolt Pattern: 5 x 120
Factory Setup, Front: 18 x 8

What size wheels BMW E46?

For the Spec E46 series we use a 9.0″ wheel on the front and rear and they clear without issues. A 9.0″ wheel and 255-265 tire should be all you need for grip in this car.

Does E46 M3 come with spare tire?

In short: No, the M3 doesn’t have a spare tire, either. But M cars also don’t have RFT, BMW is using conventional tires and the socalled M Mobility System, which contains a sealant and a compressor. If you blow out a tire (at least on the M) BMW assist will come get you for the lifetime of the car iirc.

Is there a 2021 BMW M3?

As with the new M4 coupe, the 2021 M3 sedan features a twin-turbo 3.0-liter inline-six. The normal version sends 473 horsepower and 406 pound-feet of torque to the rear wheels. A six-speed manual is the only transmission offered.

What tires come on the F80 M3?

Up front, the old F80 M3 ran a 235/35/19 tire but the new G80 M3 runs a massive 275/35/19 tire.

Will 19 inch wheels fit E46?

Regarding the wheels, yes 19s will fit the E46 no problem (arches may need rolling if the car is lowered), but the main thing is the offset of the wheels.

What is the bolt pattern for a BMW 3 Series?

BMW 3 Series PCD Guide Early BMW 3 Series models including the E21 and E30 used a 4×100 PCD, while later models switched to a 5×120 PCD which has now become ubiquitous across the BMW range and is popularly referred to as ‘BMW fitment’.

How much wider is E46 M3 than non M?

Second, M3 has rear offset of 25mm, whereas the regular E46 coupe has a rear offset close to 45mm. So the fender needs to be an additional 20mm wider on the M3. So, if you add 0.5″ to 20mm, you get approximately 33mm.

Does BMW M4 have a spare tire?

By now, you’re aware that your M4 is missing a spare tire. BMW, like many carmakers, is not providing this important lifesaver. Modern Spare wants to be the best manufacturer and provider of complete spare tire kits hands-down.

Does a 2008 BMW have a spare tire?

BMWs do not have spare tires, instead they have run-flat tires.

Is a BMW M3 fast?

How fast is the BMW M3? Fast enough! It reaches a governed top speed of 155 mph. The optional M Driver’s Package bumps that up to 180 mph.