What words end with tious?

What words end with tious?


  • ambitious.
  • fractious.
  • seditious.
  • facetious.
  • vexatious.
  • bumptious.
  • gumptious.
  • negotious.

What does the suffix tious mean?

What does it mean? The -tious and -cious are part of the -ious suffix. This suffix essentially means ‘full of’ or ‘having’ which can help us undertsand what the word means. For example : The word Spacious is made of the root word space and the suffx -ious.

How do you teach cious?

Say the sound, say the grapheme Say the sound sh, then say the letter names ti and ci. Using exaggerated pronunciation, say each of the words listed on the card in syllables. Ask the children to say the whole word. e.g. you say de`li`cious (shous); the children say delicious.

Is cious a suffix?

How could we add the suffix –cious to turn the noun malice into an adjective to describe this person? As our root word ends in –ce, we need to remove these letters and add the suffix –cious. This will change the noun into an adjective. Sometimes, adjectives end in the suffix –cious which do not follow the rule.

What is the root word of ambitious?

The Latin word for this effort was ambitio, which came from ambire, a verb meaning “to go around.” Since this activity was caused by a desire for honor or power, the word eventually came to mean “the desire for honor or power.” This word came into French and English as ambition in the late Middle Ages.

What is the rule for cious?

Rule for Adding the Suffix -cious If the root word ends in –ce, remove –ce and replace it with –cious.

Is tious a phoneme?

Hello and Good Morning Year 1 Superstars! Today our focus will be the tious and cious phonemes. They are pretty tricky sound…. This opens in a new window.

What words end with CIAL?

8-letter words that end in cial

  • official.
  • judicial.
  • especial.
  • biracial.
  • unsocial.
  • fiducial.
  • eusocial.
  • bifacial.

Where is tion and Sion used?

While we use “-tion” after verbs ending in “-ent,” we use “-sion” after verbs ending in “-end,” as in: apprehend→apprehension.

What is the meaning of tious?

Of, having, or characterized by. Tious is defined as having. An example of the tious suffix is the word ambitious, meaning having ambition.

What are words that end in tious?

13-letter words that end in tious. conscientious. superstitious. unpretentious. surreptitious. uncontentious. overambitious.

What is the meaning of the suffix a?

a suffix occurring in words of Latin origin, used to form abstract nouns from verbs or stems not identical with verbs, whether as expressing action (revolution; commendation), or a state (contrition; starvation), or associated meanings (relation; temptation). QUIZ YOURSELF ON AFFECT VS. EFFECT!