When did Tavi Gevinson start Rookie?

When did Tavi Gevinson start Rookie?

When style blogger wunderkind Tavi Gevinson launched Rookie Mag in September 2011, in-the-know teens rushed home from school to devour posts about everything from DIY flower crowns to learning how to b*tchface.

Who founded Rookie magazine?

blogger Tavi Gevinson
Launched by fashion blogger Tavi Gevinson in 2011 — when she was only 15 years old — Rookie attracted a million views in six days and went on to become an intimate, authentic, and feminist lens for its primarily young female audience to look at and speak to the world.

Why did Rookie magazine shutdown?

“Rookie in its current form is no longer financially sustainable.” As Gevinson notes repeatedly in her letter, it’s a difficult time for media at large — including other teen magazines like Teen Vogue and Seventeen, which ended their print runs over the last year in favor of digital-only versions.

What are some good articles about Tavi Gevinson?

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Is Tavi Gevinson joining Gossip Girl?

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Is Tavi Gevinson the voice of a generation?

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Who is Tavi Gevinson’s Kate Miller?

Rewind On HBO Max’s new iteration of Gossip Girl , Tavi Gevinson plays teacher Kate Miller, who is sick and tired of being bullied by the Upper East Siders. But in reality, Tavi was once one of those teens.