Where are Yamaha Stage Custom Birch drums made?

Where are Yamaha Stage Custom Birch drums made?

All PHX series drums are made at a Yamaha factory in Japan, and the Absolute Hybrid Maple, Live Custom, Stage Custom Birch and Gigmaker are all made in China – with the Absolute Hybrid Maple and Stage Custom Birch being made in the brand new Yamaha Factory.

Are Birch drums good?

Birch wood is especially known for it’s tonal qualities, with peaks in the high and low end frequencies. Birch drums tend to sound full and round, with plenty of projection. As a standard for wood drum sets, going with birch drum shells is a sound choice.

What kind of wood is the Yamaha Stage Custom Made with?

Natural Wood
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Color Natural Wood
Brand Yamaha
Material Wood
Item Dimensions LxWxH 29.92 x 23.43 x 19.29 inches
Included Components Not included

Is maple better than birch drums?

Birch drums sound brighter and punchier than maple, and with more attack they cut through the mix easier. Maple drums sound much warmer and offer more sustain. While birch drums bring out the mid-range, maple is known for its deep bass. Lastly, maple kits tend to cost slightly more than Birch drum sets.

What are Yamaha Stage Custom made of?

The birch is sourced from China, which is where the drums are produced; the standard of manufacture is superb, with every nut and bolt turning smoothly. These latest Stage Custom shells have been influenced by Yamaha’s Oak Custom series’ use of thicker plies.

Where are Yamaha Recording Custom drums made?

Interestingly, the Recording Customs (and most of Yamaha’s other drums) are now manufactured in China, which may initially turn some people off. Not to worry, though; after thoroughly reviewing and working with these drums, we can safely say that the quality has not suffered one bit.

Is Birch better than Poplar drums?

Birch wood is also listed as a more economical wood but is ranked higher than Poplar and in the rankings of Maple and Mahogany. Birch wood is durable, easily worked and is one of the most widely used woods worldwide for doors, furniture and paneling.

Is maple louder than birch?

Birch shells are characterized by their bright and snappy sounds. They are fatter, louder, and more focused when compared to Maple.

What wood is best for drums?

Best Drum Shell Woods

  • Maple Wood. Early iterations of the drum set were limited to only a few wood types like maple or poplar.
  • Birch Wood. Birch shells are vastly different from maple with its tone bing punchy and aggressive.
  • Cherry Wood.
  • Walnut Wood.
  • Oak Wood.
  • Construction Of A Drum Kit.

Where are Yamaha Tour Custom drums made?

Whereas Yamaha’s top Recording Custom, Absolute Hybrid and Live Custom drums are made in the company’s leading-edge Chinese facility (Rhythm visited in 2015 and was mightily impressed) these shells are made in Taiwan.

Where is the largest Yamaha drum factory?

To accommodate its current lines, including Live Custom and the Absolute series, Yamaha expanded its production in Xiaoshan. This is a big facility, covering 13.8 acres.