Where is Brendan Lukens from?

Where is Brendan Lukens from?

Brunswick, Maryland
Originally from Brunswick, Maryland, they relocated to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to attend college; Lukens at Chestnut Hill College, and Ewald at Drexel University. In Philadelphia, they met fellow music lover Ian Farmer, who helped them record their first album, Sports, in Drexel’s recording studios.

How old is Brendan Lukens?

29 years (August 15, 1992)Brendan Lukens / Age

How old are the members of modern baseball?

between 20 and 23 years old
Ridiculously young (the members are between 20 and 23 years old) and barely out of the all-ages basement show circuit, Modern Baseball writes songs about universal subjects (most notably romantic angst and existential malaise) that feel like goofily trenchant generational snapshots.

What happened to Brendan Modern Baseball?

In late January, guitarist Brendan Lukens announced he was bowing out of the group’s European tour in order to focus on his mental and physical health.

Who is the lead singer of Modern Baseball?

Since vocalist-guitarist Brendan Lukens was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2015, Modern Baseball have made mental health a part of their narrative. Their new album Holy Ghost is preluded by a documentary covering Lukens’s struggle and also the passing of guitarist Jake Ewald’s grandfather.

What happened to Bren Lukens?

Modern Baseball’s Brendan Lukens Pulls Out of Touring, Citing “Mental and Physical Health” In a new post to the band’s Facebook page today, Modern Baseball guitarist Brendan Lukens announced that he would not be joining the band for their upcoming European tour in support of their 2016 album Holy Ghost.

Why did modern baseball stop making music?

Modern Baseball have announced that they’ve decided to go on indefinite hiatus due to mental health issues. The band pulled the plug on their dates in the UK and Australia in 2015 while frontman Brendan Lukens took time out to deal with mental health and substance abuse issues.

Is Slaughter Beach Dog Modern Baseball?

Slaughter Beach, Dog is a folk rock band from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania formed by Jake Ewald in 2014. Initially starting as one of Ewald’s solo projects away from Modern Baseball, the group was realized after an indefinite hiatus of Modern Baseball was announced.

What happened to Brendan modern baseball?

When did modern baseball break up?

Who is the lead singer of modern baseball?

Is Slaughter Beach Dog emo?

Slaughter Beach, Dog is a folk rock band from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania formed by Jake Ewald in 2014….

Slaughter Beach, Dog
Genres Folk rock · Indie folk · emo – indie rock
Years active 2014-present
Labels Lame-O Records, Big Scary Monsters