Where is Lake Bistineau located?

Where is Lake Bistineau located?

Doyline, LA
Lake Bistineau State Park–(103 State Park Road, Doyline, LA 71023; 318-745-3503 or 1-888-677-2478) is located southeast of Shreveport just off LA 163 south of Doyline.

What parish is Lake Bistineau in?

Webster Parish
In 1811 Isaac Alden traveled up the Red River into Lake Bistineau and Bayou Dorcheat and settled in what is today Webster Parish, about 8 miles east of Minden.

Are there alligators in Lake bistineau?

Lake Bistineau, the No. 27 best bass fishery in the country according to Bassmaster Magazine, is currently undergoing record flooding, according to Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries personnel. The high water also is displacing numerous species of snakes and alligators, according to residents.

Can you swim in Lake bistineau?

The park offers two boat launches, hiking and biking trails, playgrounds, two swimming pools, camping, cabins and excellent fishing.

Can you ski on Lake Bistineau?

Water and jet skiing, houseboating, and other water recreational activities are common on this lake. Boaters even can pull up to a restaurant dock to enjoy a dinner.

Is bistineau lake Park open?

Site is open daily.

Are alligators in Shreveport?

Gators and Friends is centrally located in Northwest Louisiana, just 10 miles from Shreveport, LA, in the Ark-La-Tex.

Can you swim in Louisiana Lakes?

Lakes in Louisiana: Lake Bruin Its clear water is wonderful for swimming, boating, and fishing.

Is bistineau lake park open?

Is Lake bistineau man made?

Lake Bistineau Louisiana. A log jam on the Red River in Louisiana created the original Lake Bistineau; but, the lake drained when the jam was dredged. In 1942, the government decided to construct a permanent dam, resulting in Lake Bistineau.

What percentage of Shreveport is black?

Shreveport Demographics Black or African American: 57.09%

What is special about Shreveport LA?

The city of Shreveport sits along the raging Red River and is the place to come if you are looking for a wild ride and a huge range of things to do. If you like the great outdoors, then there is certainly plenty to experience here, such as parks, zoos, and the largest rose garden in the United States.

Where is Lake Bistineau State Park in Louisiana?

They use to have one but they gave the original away and have not replaced it. Lake Bistineau State Park– (103 State Park Road, Doyline, LA 71023; 318-745-3503 or 1-888-677-2478) is located southeast of Shreveport just off LA 163 south of Doyline. From I-20 at Minden take LA 7 south to Sibley, LA 164 west to Doyline, and LA 163 south to the park.

What is Lake Bistineau like to visit?

Lake Bistineau is a pretty gorgeous lake with tons of trees in the middle of it. The park is somewhat small but nice with some camping/cabin options and a good frisbee-golf course. I have never seen so much Spanish moss hanging from trees, it was pretty cool.

When will Lake Bistineau be closed?

Help… ATTENTION: The Department of Wildlife and Fisheries will be drawing down Lake Bistineau, effective July 20. The boat launch will be closed and boat rentals will be suspended for the duration of the drawdown, as water levels will be too low to safely boat in the vicinity of the park.

What kind of fish can you catch in Lake Bistineau?

Beginning in January with the “yo- yo” season and lasting through the spring, summer, and early fall, the dedicated fisherman can draw such freshwater catches as black crappie, largemouth bass, yellow bass, catfish, bluegill, and red-ear sunfish from the lake’s clear waters. Lake Bistineau dates back over 200 years.