Where is the Moccamaster factory?

Where is the Moccamaster factory?

The Netherlands
The Moccamaster machines are made in The Netherlands! The production takes place in a small town named Amerongen. Let’s take a look in this picturesque town and at the factory where all the Moccamaster machines are produced.

How long will a Moccamaster last?

Brews a pot of coffee in about 4-6 minutes. Premium Materials: Constructed of high quality materials with environmentally friendly manufacturing practices, this unit should last for years to come. The 5-year warranty is an indication of what the manufacturer expects.

Can I use reusable filter for Moccamaster?

Yes, you can use a reusable filter with the Moccamaster. Several varieties of gold-tone reusable filters are available.

Why is Moccamaster so good?

A unique feature of the Technivorm Moccamaster is that it has a dual-coil copper heating component that is similar to that of an espresso machine. Copper is a metal that’s not only durable, but it’s also an excellent conductor that quickly heats your water to the correct temperature.

How is a coffee maker made?

Most automatic drip coffee maker parts are made out of plastic, including the body and the basket which holds the filter. The base plate, warmer plate, and heating unit are made out of various metals, usually steel or anodized aluminum. The carafe is made out of heat-proof glass.

How old is the Moccamaster?

Moccamaster is produced by Technivorm, a Dutch company that has been founded already in 1964 by Gerard-Clement Smit. Mr Smit, an industrial engineer, used to, at first, design industrial products for other companies, before launching his own company Technivorm.

Are Moccamasters worth it?

This means that it met the highest quality standards set by the SCA for all commercial home brewers. And that’s a benchmark not many machines can meet. If great taste, consistency, and ease of use make a coffee maker “worth it”, then you’ll find the Technivorm Moccamaster worth every cent.

What is so special about Moccamaster?

Can I use a gold filter with a Moccamaster?

The ‘Permanent Goldfilter’ by SeleXions is an alternative for the use of paper coffee filters. This reusable filter fits in every coffee machine where you normally use filters No. 4 for instance with our Moccamaster KBG Select and KBGT brewers.

What filters does Moccamaster use?

What size filter does my brewer take?

  • All of our 8- and 10-cup coffee brewers use No. 4 conical filters. These models include the KB, KBGV Select, KBG, KBTS , KBT, KBGT, and CDGT.
  • Our Cup-One coffee brewer uses No. 1 conical filters.
  • Our CD Grand and CDT Grand coffee brewers use 110mm flat-bottomed filters.