Where is the treasure in Paleto Bay?

Where is the treasure in Paleto Bay?

Paleto Bay It’s located on a post underneath the broken bridge.

Where is the clock on GTA 5?

The Clock Tower Building is a high-rise office building in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online. It is located on San Andreas Avenue in Del Perro, Los Santos.

Where are the 10 Epsilon tracts?

Collecting all ten Epsilon Tracts is NOT necessary for 100% Completion in the game.


How much money do you get from Treasure Hunt GTA?

Note: The treasure hunt can be completed by both online characters to unlock the weapon but the headshot challenge is combined across both characters so there will only be one $250,000 awarded per account.

How do you trigger a Treasure Hunt in GTA 5?

How To Start The Treasure Hunt Quest In GTA Online. After receiving the photo, the location will be marked on your map with a yellow question mark. Once there, you’ll have to start looking for a clue.

How do you get 50 headshots in GTA 5?

The Diamond Casino, the walk of fame in Vinewood, and Los Santos International Airport are popular NPC gathering spots. Another easy way to get 50 headshots plus some extra cash is by robbing stores and holding up inside. By looting the store and killing the clerk, gamers should earn a 2 or 3-star wanted level.

Where is the Golden Gun in GTA 5?

Inside El Rubio’s office, head for his desk, use the Small Key to open the drawer on the right-hand side, and there it is. Once you’ve found the gun, it’s added to your inventory.

Where to do the paleto score setup in GTA 5?

Paleto Score Setup is a heist setup mission in Grand Theft Auto V , given to protagonists Michael De Santa and Trevor Philips by FIB agent Steve Haines . Michael and Trevor meet at Trevor’s meth lab in Sandy Shores.

Where is paleto bay located in GTA 5?

Sitting at the base of the massive Mount Chiliad, Paleto Bay is a coastal town, home to the Cluckin’ Bell factory farm, used to process chicken for all of San Andreas to enjoy. The town also has a Los Santos County Sheriff’s Department office, and the dense vegetation that grows around the area is a vast contrast of the dry and arid Sandy Shores.

Where is Procopio Beach in Grand Theft Auto 5?

Procopio Beach is located in Paleto Bay. “Church, bank, gun store, bar… what more do you need to enjoy life in rural America?” Paleto Bay is a small town located in Blaine County, San Andreas that appears in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online.

How does Michael meet Lester in paleto Bay?

Michael phones Lester, who agrees to meet them in Paleto Bay . Lester arrives in Paleto Bay by bus, and the trio drive to the Blaine County Savings Bank. They inspect the front of the bank, before driving around the back to see the alarm system setup.