Who is Asher Meza?

Who is Asher Meza?

Asher Meza, who has been offering religious exemptions on social media to both Jews and non-Jews, says he has already written some 200 letters. JTA — Who are the rabbis writing religious exemption letters for Jews (and others) who oppose COVID-19 vaccine mandates?

Who is michoel green?

Rabbi Michoel Green, longtime emissary in Massachusetts, dismissed by Hasidic movement after encouraging followers not to be inoculated with the COVID-19 vaccines.

What is meant by pikuach nefesh?

Pikuach nefesh is the concept that saving a human life is more important than any mitzvot . It is belief in the sanctity of life . Life is holy and belongs to God, which means that only he can give it and only he can take it.

What is an Orthodox rabbi?

Orthodox rabbis typically study at yeshivas, which are dedicated religious schools. Modern Orthodox rabbinical students, such as those at Yeshiva University, study some elements of modern theology or philosophy, as well as the classical rabbinic works on such subjects (see Yeshiva § Ethics, mysticism and philosophy).

What is the principle of bal Tashchit?

Bal tashchit (Hebrew: בל תשחית) (“do not destroy”) is a basic ethical principle in Jewish law. The principle is rooted in the Biblical law of Deuteronomy 20:19–20.

What do Jews believe about kindness to others?

Loving kindness Many Jews believe that, by showing kindness, people can try to heal the world. Jews aim to show kindness to others as the Torah teaches that people should love others in the same way that they love themselves.

What is tikkun olam examples?

Tikkun olam is used to refer to Jewish obligations to engage in social action in the Reform and Conservative movements as well. For example, in USY, the Conservative youth movement, the position in charge of social action on chapter and regional boards is called the SA/TO (social action/tikkun olam) officer.

What are Coejl doing?

COEJL promotes policies and programs that help increase energy efficiency, promote energy independence and security, protect land and water resources, and build core Jewish knowledge on environmental issues while serving as a Jewish voice in the broader interfaith community.