Who is Jansher Khan?

Who is Jansher Khan?

Jansher Khan born 15 June 1969, in Peshawar, Pakistan is a former World No. 1 professional Pakistani squash player. During his career he won the World Open a record eight times and the British Open six times. For many years the name Khan had been synonymous with success in the game of squash.

Where is Jan Sher Khan now?

Jansher Khan has set himself a five-year target to unearth the next great Pakistani squash champion. Khan, a record eight-time World Champion, was installed as head coach at the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Sports Directorate at the end of 2020.

Who was better Jahangir and Jansher?

Although Jansher wins at the head-to-head win level, most squash players are aware of Jahangir’s record setting win streak. Between 1981 and 1986 Jahangir Khan won 555 consecutive matches. Yep, 555 matches in a row. Jansher Khan played in 118 finals and won 99 of them.

Who defeated Jahangir Khan?

Ross Norman
His triumphant streak, the longest in the history of any sport, was finally ended by New Zealand’s Ross Norman in the World Open in Toulouse, France, in November 1986. Jahangir extracted immediate revenge in the following tournament and went another nine months without defeat.

Who invented squash?

Squash has its origins in the older game of rackets which was played in London’s prisons in the 19th century. Later, around 1830, boys at Harrow School noticed that a punctured ball, which “squashed” on impact with the wall, offered more variety to the game. The game spread to other schools.

Why was Jansher Khan so good?

Regarded as having one of the best all- round games of all time, his phenomenal speed generated from his tall wiry frame, lightning-fast reflexes and fluid movement. His successes on court saw him move out of the mighty shadow of his legendary countryman Jahangir Khan and dominate the sport himself for a decade.

What happened to squash in Pakistan?

However, since 1998, when Jansher Khan was defeated in the British Open final, Pakistan squash has fallen from its height and now no longer is the dominant force in squash. No Pakistani since has reached the final of either the British or World Open.

Which Pakistani squash player holds the world record?

Zahab Kamal Khan, a Karachi born professional squash player residing in the US, recently set a Guinness World Record for the ‘most hair donated by an individual’.

Who is the best squash player?

Paul Coll

Rank Name Points
1 Paul Coll 18,215
2 Ali Farag 16,635
3 Mohamed ElShorbagy 12,165
4 Mostafa Asal 10,855